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AndroidPIT Weekly Update: The Internet Knows Everything

Authored by: Aaron Tilton — Jan 29, 2012

In today's episode of AndroidPIT's Weekly Update, we're talking about a possible privacy breach with Vlingo software, how Facebook really does know everything about us and what might happen to copyright if Apple get's it's way... It's AndroidPIT Weekly Update #20.


 Privacy has always been on of the main concerns when it came to consumers trying to figure out just how to incorperate smartphones into their daily lives, this week brought revalations that companies like Vlingo and Facebook just might know more about you then you'd like. What's more, what exactly they do with that information is anyones guess. 

In other news Apple is again trying to tell the world that they basiclly have the right to every idea ever created. That got us wondering what the world would be like if every company started acting the same. 

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