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What hardware specs would your ideal smartphone have?
Poll Hardware 1 min read 6 comments

What hardware specs would your ideal smartphone have?

We're back with our second poll about your ideal smartphone. Last time, we asked how your perfect smartphone should look. Now, we want to know what you think it should have under the hood.

Tastes vary, especially with devices as personal as smartphones. Not everyone wants or needs a flashy, high-end flagship. Some prefer an honest mid-range device without too many bells and whistles. Others just want to be able to make calls and send texts.

Whatever your preferences may be, our poll is made to accommodate all your tastes. What specs does a device have to have to satisfy all your needs and desires? The better the specs, the more expensive the device, which makes it a bit less ideal. So choose wisely!

AndroidPIT Kirin chip 8681
A little chip makes a big difference. / © AndroidPIT
What is the best biometric unlocking method?
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What is the best fingerprint scanner position?
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Should it have a removable battery? (Remember, this can make water resistance more difficult!)
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What are the best compatibilities and sensors?
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Do you need a microSD slot?
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Single or dual SIM?
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How much storage do you need?
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Do you prefer a large or optimized battery?
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Do you need special charging?
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Which brand of processor?
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What processor performance do you need?
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Anything missing from the poll that we should have included? Let us know in the comments! We'll have the final results for you soon!


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  • I don't care for waterproofness! Give me a rugged phone that won't smash upon impact and a phone with 3.5mm headphone jack, SD Card with Dual sims and most important of all, a removable battery! Give me an improved LG V20! With the styling of the V10. LG needs to fire their designers and quality control people... They suck. Time for a groundswell of opposition to the removal of 3.5mm headphone jacks, SD Card and Dual Sim at a minimum. I'm shit to bits with the rip off of phones dropping useful features. I hate the expensive wireless headphones that are easily lost and stolen. I hate glass backed phones. I need an IR blaster and FM radio (actually I want an AM tuner as well!).

    I don't think the media landscape appreciates also just how many people don't want such things REMOVED. As for the manufacturers.. They don't have a clue, or couldn't give a rats... From where I sit their attitudes are... Screw the customer!

    Bring back removable batteries or at least have a range of top tier phones that accommodate all user requirements.

  • Water resistant, at least IP67.

  • Headphone jack should be included, and the questions should have included bezels. Personally, I want the Razor Phone's bezels: Large and with purpose

  • As far as the removable battery and water resistant, Samsung had it with the Galaxy S5 and then abandoned it. So it's possible to have a removable battery & be water resistant. To me they should try to listen to the consumer and bring this functionality back.

  • P2 Jack is missing

  • Try to add the following as well
    3.Screen Resolution
    4.LCD/ Amoled/......
    5.Screen Size