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What If Superman Wore A Pair Of Google Glass?

Superman, the all American icon, is back on the silver screen yet again in this year's edition of "Man of Steel", and I am quite sure that many of you out there have already caught the film in your local theaters, with some even thinking of going back for another viewing. The big question is, with the plethora of superpowers that Kal-El has at his disposal, how would his life be with a pair of Google Glass?

superman google glass
Does this mean we have a pair of Super Google Glass? © Legendary

First of all, this pair of Google Glass would have to be reinforced or even sculpted out of inertron, the hardest metallic chemical substance in the DC Comics universe. After all, it needs to be made out of something tough to be able to handle the super speeds at which Superman flies around, not to mention during those moments when he has to head off to outer space - which means leaving the Google Glass subject to being battered by other elements in our cosmos - and beyond.

Apart from that, the kind of lens that this Google Glass uses would have to be very, very different. After all, anyone who has seen Superman IV: The Quest for Peace would have noticed how he used some sort of magical eye rays to reconstruct the Great Wall of China, which was pretty corny when you think about it. Surely the lens in Google Glass would have to be strong enough to let Superman's heat vision pass through - without melting, and who knows, it might even function as some sort of ruby quartz visor that Cyclops uses (sorry for making a reference to DC's time honored rival, Marvel Comics), allowing Superman to even focus his heat vision in a pinpoint location.

Another interesting thing is, when Superman projects his X-ray vision, will Google Glass be able to capture what he sees in X-ray, or does it function as normal without anything out of the ordinary? If it is a case of the former, then I am quite sure voyeurs would be asking Superman to set up some sort of website that depicts all he sees in X-ray vision. 

One thing is for sure, it would be a monumental task for Google to churn out a special edition pair of Google Glass just for Kal-El himself, and even then, it might actually cost Google enough money to do so in a way that hurts their bank account, so you can make a guess at just how much that would be. 

At the end of the day, I would say that Superman would be better off without a pair of Google Glass, as it would most probably come into harm's way more often than not, and while the bad guys and supervillians do not mind losing in a fight with the Man of Steel, they sure as heck hate having their loss recorded on video for all and sundry to see on YouTube.

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