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What is the most important Android camera function?

This year we've seen some pretty massive improvements in Android smartphone cameras, with a solid showing on the Galaxy S5, cool depth perception on the HTC One (M8), super-fast auto-focus on the LG G3 and crazy megapixels on the Xperia Z2. But I still don't think we're quite there yet. Nokia Lumia and iPhone cameras still tend to be better than your average Android camera, but the gap is definitely shrinking. So, the question I wanted to ask this week is just what is the must-have camera feature for you? You can select as many options as you like, but try to limit yourself to the absolute most important choices, and if we've missed anything essential, please add it in the comments below.

AndroidPIT S5 Z2 M8 Nexsu 5 camera
So many cameras, so many choices, but what is the most important of all? / © AndroidPIT

In our last survey we asked you what the upcoming (and still highly speculative) Samsung Galaxy F would need to beat the LG G3, and we got some very interesting responses. Surprisingly, the biggest single factor (but only by a hair) was an all metal construction, followed closely by an even bigger battery and the ability to delete bloatware like you can on the G3. These are very interesting responses because as you know plastic, bloatware and awesome new battery optimizations are pretty much synonymous with Samsung right now. Llet's see if each manufacturer can continue to learn (read: steal) from one another and keep making better and better consumer devices!

What is the most important camera function for you?
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Don't forget, if we missed anything in our survey add it to the comments below (and thumbs up the entries you agree with!)


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  • I like Kris Carlon's reply, but he's missing low light performance. If your camera can't handle the dark, it doesn't matter how fast it is. Example : restaurant, club, beach, at night.

  • RAW format.

  • Wish there was one that allowed quick adjustments to shutter speed. setting ISO alone really isnt enough...

    • For me it's probably a fast launching app and speedy auto-focus. I can forgive some minor issues, but I want to pull out my phone and quickly and accurately get a photo taken. Colors etc I can edit later, but getting the photo taken asap is my primary concern.

  • With my Note II it's probably the fast and slow motion video modes and HDR on the camera.

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