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What is your Android smartphone of the year?

What is your Android smartphone of the year?

First and foremost, Happy New Year to all our AndroidPIT readers! It has been a wonderful year and one full of many milestones for our website and our social media site and have covered a ton of news in regards to announcements and new devices. With that being said, we’re interested to find out what you, the AndroidPIT reader, thinks is the best smartphone of the year? 

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There has been a ton of hype and rumor behind the releases this year and we would be hard pressed to choose just one smartphone as being supreme. With the differences between flagship models, hardware specs, camera quality, battery sizes, how can we compare oranges to oranges? And as such, there is absolutely no issue if the choice comes down to personal preference this time.

So, go ahead AndroidPIT, enjoy the New Year, and help us find out what your favorite smartphone of 2013 is! If we’ve missed anything in our survery, please let us know by chiming in on the comments!

What is your choice for best smartphone of 2013?
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  • It's almost unfair to compare anything thought of as a "smartphone" against the Note 3. but since it does have contain a sim card and offer various apps that dial numbers across cellular networks, I can appreciate Te generalization. I used that philosophical myself. I call the a Note 3 my "Clicker," because there is an app handy that controls all my TVs. that seemed every bit as appropriate to me!

  • Moto-X. I can not buy it because i am not from usa. Even though other top phones have bigger specs. The moto-x takes the gold, because of what it is. Small, usabillity and personalisation.

  • the Google nexus 5😍😍

  • LG G2

  • Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.

  • in budget,most impressive,and best in its class is sony xperia m dual!!!!!

  • Lenovo a3000-h

  • i believen the Nexus 5 is the best.

  • Sony Xperia Z1! Period!

  • Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Moto G without a doubt. Not because it's the best, but because it is the best deal out there for a quality unlocked phone. It has similar specs as the Samsung Galaxy S3, but retails for $200 less. It is the perfect replacement or first phone for a teen or someone wanting to move to prepaid plan or someone just wanting to be free from locked in contracts.

  • Iphone 5S

  • Mmm even though I'm currently owning the LG G2, and is a superb device! I have to say, I also own the HTC ONE, and use it for 3 months. For me the ONE takes the cake because even though it has the 600 version of Qualcomm, for me in Day to day, I didn't even felt it lagged on me! With all the apps and stuff that I put to my smartphones, the ONLY one that I haven't felt lagged, is the HTC ONE, second the Samsung Note 2, then the LG G2. Heck right now that I was writing this the LG keyboard force closed on me 😁! But, that said I do think with some more polishing from LG, the G2 have the hardware to be the "Perfect" device! right now is not there yet, I don't think the HTC ONE is the perfect device because it charge slow, and the display is a little bit small for media consumption.

  • Note 3 - in a league of its own!

  • Note 3

  • LG G2 for me best smartphone 2013

  • my smartphone of the year must first be repairable as well as functional, endurable, adaptable and affordable. There is a huge market waiting for the persistent personal cellular communications product. Are we waiting for Godot?

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