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This is what your phone really says about you

This is what your phone really says about you

Let's be honest: we've all judged someone by their phone. Whether we're trying to get a fix on someone the first time we meet them or casually identifying fellow Android fans in the line at Starbucks, you can tell a lot about a person by their phone. So let's take a look at what your phone says about you.

What kind of phone do you have?

iPhone 4: You're either a hipster or you enjoy being on the cusp of technology... from five years ago.

Nexus 5: You're one of us. You know the secret handshake. Welcome.

Galaxy S6 Edge: You love to show off. Money is no object. You may have recently switched over from an iPhone 6 or you may have bought every successive Galaxy phone since the Galaxy S2.

There are still those who swear by the indestructible Nokia 3310. / © ANDROIDPIT

Nokia 3310: You're my dad. Or my friend who constantly breaks phones. You love to brag about your two-week battery life in a vain attempt to justify what you're doing. But it's not OK. Stop it.

Moto G: You're either very good at sniffing out the best value Android phones or you lose phones so much it makes sense not to spend too much on them.

Lamborghini phone: Who are we kidding? Who has ever bought one of these? You have more money than sense, in that typical way where you actually think this US$6,000 abomination looks good.

AndroidPIT Lamborghini 88 Tauri
Money can't buy good taste. / © Lamborghini

What condition is your phone in?

Pristine condition: your phone is either brand spanking new or you really, really look after your gadgets. Either way, you probably have good personal hygiene and a tidy bedroom.

Scratched up but otherwise OK: Your phone is your sidekick but you'd never weigh it down with an awful case. Like kids breaking bones, phones need to live and learn.

androidpit samsung galaxy note 5 vs galaxy note 4 7
Just how well do you look after your phone? / © ANDROIDPIT

In a case but scratched to hell anyway: You think that a protective case means you can treat your phone like crap. Your display is all scratched up because your keys and phone share a pocket and your speakers are crammed full of pocket lint.

Cracked screen for months: You just don't care anymore. You wear clothes three or four times before washing them, haven't vacuumed in months, ignore that squeak in your car until a wheel falls off and are probably always late with your taxes.

nexus 4 display broken
We all know someone who thinks this is perfectly acceptable. / © ANDROIDPIT

What kind of case do you have?

Hello Kitty sparkle case: You're a 10-year-old girl. Or you spent an exchange year in Tokyo and are looking for any excuse to tell people about it.

No case at all: You're a purist. Or foolish. If your phone is still perfect it's because you take care of your things. Bravo. If your phone is all smashed up then you just don't learn. You probably have multiple DUI infringements and never wear a helmet on your bike. Either way you prefer looking good to being safe.

Leather case with belt clip: You're the boss. In an early 90s cop show. You probably have a really bad mustache and your belly hangs over your belt, even though you tuck your collared, button-up short-sleeve shirt into your pants.

Xperia z2 case noreve promocao
It's like putting a TV in a suitcase. / © ANDROIDPIT

Transparent hard case: You acknowledge the need to protect your phone but don't want to cover up its beautiful good looks. You don't completely value beauty over safety, but sit somewhere in the middle. You may have tried putting lipstick on a pig in the past.

Rubber bumper or battery case: You're practical and prefer function over appearances. You probably wear hi-vis vests on your bicycle. When you travel, your pants have about 12 different pockets, all full of stuff. At Christmas you give gift cards.

Wireless charging or window case: You're all about added functionality. You want protection, ease of access, additional features, ultimate freedom and good looks to boot. Whenever a new phone comes out you complain it misses critical features and know you could do better.

AndroidPIT LG G3 Quick Circle case 4
Wireless charging and a quick view window? Looks good. / © ANDROIDPIT

What do your home screens look like?

Default setup, full of app icons: You either really like the factory look or are just too lazy to change things. You probably leave the protective plastic on your phone screen until it finally falls off.

Custom wallpaper, lots of folders: You like to make your phone your own and to organize your world the way you like it. Your bedroom as a kid was full of posters and you created a complicated highlighting system at university. Your computer is equally well managed.

Custom launcher, crazy tweaks: You're an original and enjoy having a smartphone setup that literally no one else in the world has. You pride yourself on your curated wallpaper selection, perfect app icon management and unique layout. There's no limit to how many hours you'll spend getting things just so, possibly at the expense of making any friends.

smart launcher pro hero
Standard is never good enough for some, and everything must be tweaked. / © ANDROIDPIT

Stock Android despite running a ROM: You're adventurous at heart but an Android purist at the same time. You love the look of stock Android but need the additional customization of ROMs. You frown upon everyone else on this list from your superior perch.

Widgets everywhere: You love to have information at your fingertips and you have a carefree attitude to syncing and resource management. As long as you're always informed, the rest is secondary. You're the kind of person who falls into an open manhole because you're reading reddit.

So where do you fit? Did we miss any tell-tale things that your phone is trying to tell others?

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