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WhatsApp Suite – Smile, please!

WhatsApp Suite – Smile, please!

There's plenty to get down and feel blue about: our busy schedules, a cold winter's night, the economic recession, crowded subways, queues at the supermarket... But let's look at the bright side, cross on over to the sunny side of the street and smile just for the heck of it!

If you're feeling in the mood to be happy and spread the cheer, emoticons are a good means to do it. Who can resist smiling when they unexpectedly receive a lovely flower or heart, even if it is only virtual? You'll find this and much more in WhatsApp Suite.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.1 1.3

Features & Use

WhatsApp Suite is a collection of emoticons, pictures and sounds that users can pick and choose according to their mood or circumstances—after all, “a smiley is worth a thousand words”, is it not? You can send tons of smileys and pics to your contacts via WhatsApp, Bluetooth, Gmail, Facebook...

The application has four categories:

  • Paint: Use this feature if you wish to create your own designs. Use different types of pencils, brushes and colours. Once your artwork is complete it's ready to be sent.
  • Rage/Advice : This second feature harbours images that are currently all the rage on the internet, as well as lots of popular memes (Keanu Reeves' stunned face, anyone?). Select an image and add your own text or personalised jokes (useful for the upcoming holiday season). Again, you can share via multiple social networks.
  • Smileys: Take your pick: classic little round smiley faces that are laughing, flirting, angry, drunk... or Manga style smileys, and even some that look like Sponge Bob.
  • Sounds: This is my personal favourite. Lots of buttons that can be pressed to emit funny sounds for different occasions. You and your friend are having a bit of a sob fest? Press the “sad moment” button (unless you feel this will be indelicate). You're feeling tragic and romantic? The Love Story song can chime in. There's also a button for applause, one for boo-ing...your get the picture.

Bottom line:

WhatsApp Suite is a fun application that helps bring a smile to your face, and you can share your jollyness and good humour with just the click of a button.


Screen & Controls

WhatsApp Suite has a colourful interface and is easy to use. You'll find four tabs/four categories at the bottom of the display. Everything is easily accessible and straightforward—no confusion here.


Speed & Stability

WhatsApp Suite ran very smoothly throughout the entire test period.

Price/Performance Ratio

A smile doesn't cost anything and neither does WhatsApp Suite. You can find it in the AndroidPIT App Center as well as the Google Play Store. There are ad banners but they didn't bother us in the least.


WhatsApp Suite – Smile, please! WhatsApp Suite – Smile, please!

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