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Say goodbye to your privacy: WhatsRemoved retrieves deleted messages
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Say goodbye to your privacy: WhatsRemoved retrieves deleted messages

For a few months now, it’s been possible to delete WhatsApp messages so that both you and the recipient can no longer see them. The creators of WhatsRemoved sensed a niche in the market here: this app keeps backup copies of deleted messages. If someone deletes a message in your conversation, you will be notified and can still read the deleted message. Doesn't this go against politeness and decency?

WhatsRemoved is brilliant, simple and even bold. The new app reads your notifications, copies incoming WhatsApp messages and notifies you when someone deletes a WhatsApp message. The copy of the deleted message is then kept in WhatsRemoved together with the other copies until you delete the app’s data. The creators state that they don’t use the messages for commercial purposes.

whatsremoved 1
WhatsRemoved undermines the delete function of WhatsApp messages. / © AndroidPIT
whatsremoved 2
WhatsRemoved works (unfortunately). / © AndroidPIT

WhatsRemoved is questionable in many respects. On the one hand, it has all-inclusive access to your notifications and can receive files and audio recordings or everything at once. On the other hand, the app undermines an important function that is meant to avoid misunderstandings and provide some privacy. Its ability to undo deleted messages complete undermines the WhatsApp function. The person who deleted the message doesn't even know that you kept the message as a copy before deleting it.

If you have a good reason for using WhatsRemoved, you are welcome tell us your story in the comments. Has one of your contacts annoyed you by sending messages and then deleting them?


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  • Say Goodbye to your privacy :

    Thats all fokes ;-)

  • Having worked with email on commercial transactions for a quarter-century, it has never made sense to delete everything, or even anything, of any importance - message chains can be crucial documentation. On the other hand, it makes a lot of sense to encrypt everything of any importance to restrict access. There are some very good third-party apps for end-to-end message encryption.

  • Diz Feb 6, 2018 Link to comment

    I sense another app to combat WhatsRemoved, call it WTF.

    So much is wrong with that app, I hope it fails miserably and in court.

  • LOL, I'm in my late 50's...nothing I text isn't of a nature that it would bother me anyway. But, the "younger" ones just don't realize that pretty much anything posted, once it's out there, there pretty much is a trace SOMEWHERE. I'm just thankful I grew up in the era (60's thorough 80's) where my behavior is now just a memory and there is NO CONCRETE PROOF LOL.

  • Brilliant! I wish I'd thought of this!

  • I assume that WhatsApp is working feverishly to break WhatsRemoved and this will turn into a game of cat and mouse where WhatsApp breaks WhatsRemoved and then WhatsRemoved finds a way around the latest blocking method.