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Which Android is best? Wait...Isn't that a Condom?

Trying to consider which Android is best for you? Never fear, there is a whole wealth available even if some, unfortunately, leave a little to be desired in the name department. By now it's a fairly well-known fact that Android manufacturers are struggling to come up with good names for their products. Samsung, for example has simply been adding 1s and 2s to their Galaxy line of phones, while HTC is actually naming their products numbers (like One X and One S). Where's the creativity in that? Thankfully, not all Android names are so uninspired. Just check out this list of phones that share names with a certain....rubber contraceptive.

TINGLE! TIZZLE! INDULGE! CRUISE! Who knew that Android manufacturers were drawing their inspiration from the same kind of magical feelings associated with doing the nasty? Perhaps some of these branding executives have been spending too much time in the "personal lubrication" aisle at the drugstore. Or perhaps it's all just a big coincidence. Out of the 20 phones on the chart above, 8 share names with a certain .75 cent insurance policy 

We're just glad there aren't any "RAZR" – named condoms. That would probably be a bad idea.

Source: Intercom Blog



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  • PatPion Mar 28, 2012 Link to comment


  • Lol best info graphic on the net :p

    Also I like the kool inventive names Android have and don't mind families getting similar names (galaxy etc)

    If we wanna see naming issues let's look at the old arch nemesis apple and there inventively named new iPad...the new iPad........tumble weed

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