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Which Toyota hybrid car is right for you?

Which Toyota hybrid car is right for you?

The first Toyota hybrid car was launched as far back as 1997, it is no surprise that the Japanese company is, therefore, one of the leading players in the sector. The Hybrid range has grown since then and with it the technology that powers the cars has been improved. If you're thinking of switching to a hybrid car, Toyota is definitely a brand to keep in mind.


Yaris Hybrid

The new hybrid version of the Toyota Yaris, one of the brand's most popular models, is the most compact and economical on this list. With a starting price of only £12,995 in the UK, it is perhaps the most suitable car for those who travel short distances or those who live in the city and do not often use a car. Its small size makes it suitable for situations where finding a large and spacious parking space is not an option. However, the hybrid version is only available in the 5-door configuration.

2017 toyota yaris hybrid red dynamic 05
Small and efficient! / © Toyota Newsroom

Toyota Yaris consumption - 1.5 Hybrid (100 HP) E-CVT

Combined 23.8 - 27.0 km/l
Suburban 23.3 - 27.8 km/l
Urban 27.0 - 28.6 km/l
CO2 emissions 84 - 96 g/km
Emission class EURO 6.2

Hybrid Corolla and Hybrid Touring Sports Corolla

If you are looking for a more spacious vehicle but don't want to give up the benefits of a plug-in hybrid car, the Toyota Corolla could be for you. Both models use the same 1.8 Hybrid E-CVT engine but differ in internal space. The Touring Sports model has a larger luggage compartment and more space for passenger comfort, all at the expense of the vehicle's length, which has been increased from 4.37 to 4.65 meters.

corolla sedan 1.8l grey 2019 013 826535
This is the Toyota Corolla... / © Toyota Newsroom
corolla ts 1.8l platinum 2019 014 415623
... and this is the Touring Sports version! / © Toyota Newsroom

Toyota Corolla Consumption - 1.8 Hybrid E-CVT

Combined 27.7 - 30.3 km/l
Suburban 28.5 - 31.2 km/l
Urban 26.3 - 27.7 km/l
CO2 emissions 76 - 83 g/km
Emission class EURO 6 d-temp
Nitrogen Oxides, NOx 3 mg/km
Max power 72@5200 kW@rpm


Are you more of a crossover person? Toyota has also thought of you with its C-HR, a car with a coupe profile but equipped with all the comforts of a saloon. With a starting price of  £20,995 in the UK, the Toyota C-HR Hybrid crossover is a good balance between driving pleasure, comfort and low fuel consumption.

c hr hypowerconcept 7 8arear
Aggressive design. / © Toyota Newsroom

Consumption Toyota C-HR - 1.8 Hybrid (122CV) E-CVT

Combined 26.3 km/l
Suburban 25.0 km/l
Urban 29.4 km/l
CO2 emissions 86 g/km
Emission class EURO 6.2


Perhaps the most famous and beloved hybrid car ever, the Toyota Prius has paved the way for this type of vehicle and spread throughout the world. According to Toyota, the Prius represents "the perfect combination of innovative design, brilliant performance and high-level detail". It features a 7-inch touch display for interaction with the Japanese manufacturer's infotainment system and all the latest Toyota technology for improving driving pleasure and safety.

2019toyotaprius 08 895622
Who has never seen a Prius? / © Toyota Newsroom

Consumption Toyota Prius - 1.8 Hybrid (122CV) E-CVT

Combined 27.8 - 29.4 km/l
Suburban 27.0 - 28.6 km/l
Urban 28.6 - 30.3 km/l
CO2 emissions 78 - 82 g/km
Emission class EURO 6.2


Like the Touring Sports version of the Toyota Corolla, the Prius+ is a more spacious version of the classic Prius. The car's nose has been redesigned for greater safety and the LED headlights have been arranged to provide better illumination of the road. Its strength, however, is its capacity: seven seats and up to 1,750 liters of available space in the boot!

toyota prius plus 2016 exterior tme 004 a full tcm 20 713275
The Prius+ is suitable for large families. / © Toyota

Consumption Toyota Prius+ - 1.8 Hybrid (136 HP) E-CVT

Combined 20.4 - 21.7 km/l
Suburban 20.8 - 21.7 km/l
Urban 20 - 21.3 km/l
CO2 emissions 106 - 112 g/km
Emission class EURO 6.2

RAV4 Hybrid

With a Hybrid EURO 6.2 engine and 222 horsepower, this quiet and nature-friendly SUV is a dream. Space, comfort and driving pleasure are combined with hybrid technology in Toyota's RAV4. The Toyota Touch 3 infotainment system with an 8-inch display keeps everything under control while you're on the move, and driving aids such as Cruise Control, Stop & Go and Safety Sense 2.0 also make this vehicle safe for both those who drive it and for those who share the road with it.

2019 toyota rav4 blue dyn 04 467183 min
Powerful and quiet. / © Toyota Newsroom

Consumption Toyota RAV4 - 2.5 Hybrid E-CVT

Combined 21.7 - 22.2 km/l
Suburban 20 - 23.2 km/l
Urban 21.2 - 22.2 km/l
CO2 emissions 102 - 105 g/km
Emission class EURO 6 d-temp
Nitrogen Oxides, NOx 3 mg/km

Which Toyota hybrid attracts you most? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • I have the fabulous Hyundai Ioniq hybrid. It's a really good drive, I average 55-65mpg without trying which equates to 230 + miles on £20 unleaded.
    I considered this car as similar to "dipping your toe in the water" - now I'm confident that my next car will be at least a plug in hybrid or full electric.
    What's great is sitting in traffic, knowing that I'm not using any petrol or pumping pollution..

    Peace 🖖

  • None. Don't like Toyotas. I have a 2016 Corolla and the build quality isn't very good. Has a rattle in the dash at the defroster duct that can't be eliminated. It's rumored to be inside the HVAC system.

    Will never buy another Toyota.