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Brain Scans Reveal Differences Between Macs and PCs

Authored by: Steven Blum — Jun 18, 2012

German researchers have found that the exact same brain scan looks different whether it's on a Mac or a PC. The finding casts doubt on how brain tumors and other abnormalities are analyzed on computers after CT and MRI scans — a big freakin' deal for both doctors and patients alike

The team of researchers took data from 30 brain scans and analyzed them using a package called "FreeSurfer" – a highly-used medical image analysis program. What they found is that there was at least a 2-5 percent difference in the scan imaging between Windows and Macs. There were even variations corrosponding to whether or not a Mac had recently been updated.

In certain sections of the imaging, the difference in the scan was observed at over 15%. That could be the difference between needing a biopsy and getting sent home. ALL because of a MAC OS UPDATE.

If that hasn't shaken your faith in the medical establishment, consider the fact that nobody seems to even know why these differences are occuring. Scans could vary between computers in the same hospital, meaning diagnoses could vary between doctors in the same office based merely on the fact that they're using different versions of the same computer.

Hopefully someone will address this issue sooner rather than later.

(Top Photo: Gizmodo)

Source: Neuroskeptic

Steven Blum has written more than 2,000 blog posts as a founding member of AndroidPIT's English editorial team. A graduate of the University of Washington, Steven Blum also studied Journalism at George Washington University in Washington D.C. for two years. Since then, his writing has appeared in The Stranger, The Seattle P-I, Blackbook Magazine and Venture Villlage. He loves the HTC One and hopes the company behind it still exists in a few years.

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