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Why I've Stopped Using My Laptop

Why I've Stopped Using My Laptop


I can still remember the excitement of getting my brand new PC laptop on sale at Best Buy just a week before I started college. It was a gift from my parents, a sturdy piece of multi-tasking hardware that went on to survive hundreds of hours of intense paper writing, aimless surfing, Skype video calls and acted as a portable DJ,  providing the musical background to many an awkward college party. It's been over two years since I've become a feverish smartphone users – and despite having since bought a new laptop, I've suddenly realized that I have barely touched my computer in months.

While my old clunky (and ridiculously heavy) laptop from my college days is lying somewhere in my closet (still fully functional, might I add), my brand-new PC laptop that I bought myself as a present for graduating from college lies idle on my desk. For days. In just four years, my computer habits have done a 180° degree turn. But why?

The rise of the smartphone. With the purchase of my first smartphone back in 2009 – the T-Mobile G1 – a small part of me related to my computer habits died. And with each new smartphone I acquired over the years that part of me has grown exponentially – and my intimate relationship with my laptop got destroyed in the process.

Over time, the number of services and programs I use on a daily basis has reduced to a small number of essential tools that cater to my computing needs: Gmail, Facebook, Google Docs, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix and Spotify. With my Android smartphone, I have a dedicated app for every single one of these services, allowing me to do all of these operations. Sure, a phone can't compare to a laptop in terms of screen size, but somehow I've adjusted to working a smaller screen. I've recently started watching episodes of my favorite shows on my phone instead of on the big screen. Hell, I've even indulged in some full-length feature films on my 4.3 inch display – something my parents and a lot of my friends have a hard time understanding.

Sure, my Android is probably killing my eyesight, but at least it is all in one place. I can download everything I need from the Google Market. When I found myself playing GTA III on my Android, I realized that even in terms of gaming, I had completely gone mobile.

So do I really need my computer? Barely except for word processing. Unlike my first computer, my new one is bare and empty. All the music I listen to nowadays comes from streaming services like Spotify or is stored in a cloud. I waste my time reading through my Twitter and Facebook feeds via dedicated apps on my phone, instead of staring at the computer screen. Virtually all of my pictures are taken and edited with the help of my smartphone and popular photo apps.

And things are only moving faster in that direction. Thanks to the innovation of some airlines, I've even started using my smartphone as a boarding pass. From mobile banking to eBay – I've become the quintessential smartphone addict just like I had been in love with my laptop several years back.

Times are changing, and they are changing faster than I could even notice myself. If someone had asked if PCs were on the way out 3 years ago, I would have called them crazy. Fast forward to today – and my laptop is sitting idly on my desk, rejected, lonely and hopelessly abandonded. 

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  • It's now been a week since I stopped using my laptop, I took it back today, and, I realized, I don't even miss it !

  • While I still rock my Toshiba Satellite, in the future it will probably be a Toshiba Tablet docked into a keyboard at home (with my still running 1 Terabyte Memory Tower storing essentials) & undocked when I want to take it along with me ...

    I've noticed Laptops / Smartbooks are getting thinner & the latest are eliminating the cd / dvd rom drive (encouraging the use of flash memory via a usb port - which would plug right into my 1 Terabyte Memory Tower that has extra usb ports to place a flash stick in) ...

    The only thing I'm waiting on for the future is a faster WiFi Connection (Faster Broadband whether it's offered affordably via Cable, Satellite, Cellular Service Provider) with Broadband Routers that deliver twice what they do at maximum potential now (& this was hinted at as the future of gaming entertainment at E3 "the future of gaming via faster broadband") ....

  • Thanks for all the feedback and corrections!

    Printing is definitely one of the few things I still need my computer for, although I try to avoid printing out stuff as much as possible: reading documents on my tablet or phone, using mobile boarding passes (if available) and so on.

    I cannot say I am ecstatic about the downward spiral of the PC. In fact, there is a great deal of nostalgia. At least before I managed to keep a conversation without thinking about my emails, tweets etc. Now I have access to it 24/7 and I think it is driving my friends crazy :)

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    Deactivated Account Jun 24, 2012 Link to comment

    After getting my first smartphone (a Galaxy S2) last year, I've realised that my use of the laptop has reduced noticeably. And I reckon once I get a tablet, probably in the next few months, my laptop will only be used occasionally.

    Also, I love the touchscreen interface and mobility of Android devices. The point-n-click mouse-driven interface of Windows definitely feels old and tired these days.

  • Printing and word processing, minecraft and other simple but fun games that don't work on a phone, and a backup center.

  • red Jun 23, 2012 Link to comment

    Now if I can get a BT driver for my SGS4G so I can print, I won't need the pc at all.

  • " my computer habits have done a 360° degree turn" ... so in other words, your computer habits have not changed.

  • my pc died 2 yrs ago.i got a smart phone.....pc?....whats a pc?...i have hardly missed my laptop....R.I.P. toshiba...now i just need a way for this to print....hmmm...get to work ANDROID!

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    Deactivated Account Jun 22, 2012 Link to comment

    I was having a sort out in our attic just off my office last month..its amazing how everything migrates to that room, just like a king tide of lifes drift wood, and found my first and second laptops.....one thru my college years and then the other for uni and starting of my working life. In a shoe box by them are countless floppys, Cd's and then up todays Micro SD's .... surprise, surprise both laptops have charged up nicely so for the coming winter evenings I am going to revisit my college and university years again. My wife is dying to see the 'real me', as she puts it and has vowed not to hold anything we see against me..the second one is the datng scene..and she figures in there before we met and married,,,should be quite a warm winter I reckon!
    Yes my old PC still gets used by anybody who wants to use it, its a treasure throve of our lives and of friends that have stayed with us for many years, we used it as a notice and and comments board..it was always " have you checked the 'board' for todays goings ons"
    We each have 'new' Android tablets for private stuff but everybody stil uses and loves 'old faithful' Mr PC, our dog Rusty has his sleeps under its desk as he knows its everbody migrates to it and if he's quick he can cajole somebody for a walk....he and Mr PC,,our tusted faithfuls!

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