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7 simple tips to speed up your phone

Update: Guide updated!

Authored by: Kris Carlon — 6 months ago

Your Android phone was probably fast when you first bought it, right? Then over time it began running more slowly. This is a common problem and nothing to worry about. Below is our guide to getting your phone fast again. Read on for our best tips to speed up your phone.

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Make your device run faster with our tips. / © ANDROIDPIT

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1. Identify the problem

The first thing to do is find out what is causing the problem: an app, multiple apps, the system itself? Trepn Profiler by Qualcomm will show you the real-time CPU load for individual cores, an overview of network traffic for both data and Wi-Fi, GPU loads and RAM usage and more.

AndroidPIT Trepn Profiler main menu overlay
The first thing to do is identify the problem. / © ANDROIDPIT

Trepn can also produce app-specific or system-wide profiles and contains various methods for displaying accumulated data. You can save your profiled data for offline viewing and analysis and even have performance overlays on running apps. Once you've figured out your specific issue, you can move on to the solutions below.

AndroidPIT Trepn Profiler performance graph app profiler
Real-time CPU usage for individual cores (left) and app profiling options (right). / © ANDROIDPIT
Trepn Profiler Install on Google Play

2. Free up some space

All those photos you've taken and all of those apps you’ve installed can take their toll on your phone. It needs a little breathing room to run smoothly and if it's running low on space, it can start to slow down.

moto x pure speed up 01
Android includes ways to free up space and speed up your device. / © ANDROIDPIT

You can check how much space you have left by heading to the Storage section of Settings. One of the easiest ways to free up space is to tap Applications and see which apps you can uninstall.

moto x pure speed up 02
If you've had your phone for a while, there are probably several apps you can remove. / © ANDROIDPIT

Tap the entry for an app you no longer need and then tap Uninstall. You can repeat this process as many times as necessary for any apps you feel you can live without.

There are other ways you can free up space. The files you have downloaded are probably still sitting in storage wasting space and can be removed. In Storage, tap Downloads, select the files you want to remove and then tap the Bin button.

moto x pure speed up 03
Downloads and app caches occupy valuable space that could be put to better use. / © ANDROIDPIT

Many of the apps you have installed use data caches in an attempt to speed up operations. This is effective up to a point, but if you are running short of space, it can actually be counter-productive. To free up this space, hit the Clear cached data option and then tap OK to confirm.

moto x pure speed up 04
Free up as much space as possible. / © ANDROIDPIT

More files ripe for deletion can be found in the Miscellaneous files section. Tick the boxes next to any types of file you'd like to remove – backups, files received via Bluetooth, playlist files, and so on – and then tap the bin button. You can keep an eye on how much space you have freed up when you look at the Available space section.

You can also disable any apps that came pre-loaded on your phone but you don’t use. If you have rooted your Android, you can actually get rid of these apps, but if not, you can go to the app properties and disable it to prevent it from running and using up your phone’s resources.

3. Cut back on the widgets

All those widgets you have running on your home screen may be useful, but they also take up their fair share of resources.

moto x pure speed up 05
Widgets can be a waste of resources, so kill any you don't really need. / © ANDROIDPIT

If you have any widgets running that you don’t really need, consider disabling them. There's no harm in having some active, but you will notice an element of slow-down if you have too many running at the same time, so just be a little selective.

4. Disable unnecessary animations and extras

Depending on the launcher you are using, you may find that there are various animations and special effects in place. These may look great, but they can also slow things down.

Check in your launcher's settings to see if there is a way to disable any of these unnecessary extras, and you could earn yourself a speed boost.

moto x pure speed up 06
Extras offered by your launcher could be slowing down your device. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. Close down apps and free up RAM

Multi-tasking several apps makes it easy to switch between different tools, but there can also be an impact on performance. You can quickly close down any apps you are no longer using by calling up the running apps list – press and hold the home key and then swipe away any apps you want to exit.

moto x pure speed up 08
Terminating unused apps and freeing up RAM will help the speed of your device. / © ANDROIDPIT

While you are at this screen, tap the pie chart button to the lower right of the screen and then move to the RAM section. Tap the Clear memory button and any background processes that are running unnecessarily will be closed down.

6. Restart your device

A quick and simple fix for a slow device is to simply restart it. This can clear out the cache, stop unnecessary tasks from running, and get things running smoothly again.

Just hold down the power button, select the Restart option, and then tap OK to confirm.

moto x pure speed up 07
Sometimes, something as simple as a restart is all that's needed for a speed boost. / © ANDROIDPIT

7. Dig deeper

You can also keep tabs on the apps that are using lots of battery by going to Settings > Battery. You can also monitor RAM usage in Settings > Apps (or App Manager, depending on your brand of phone) and there's even more nerdy goodies in Process Stats in Developer Options – if you don't have this setting enabled, go to Settings > About Phone and tap Build Number seven times until a notification pops up.

We've shared some other great apps for monitoring system performance on Android, apps to give your Android a performance boost and tips to increase available RAM on Android. From what we can see Trepn Profiler deserves a rightful place amongst these other A-listers.

If you're looking for more device-specific speed tips, check out these solutions:

Do you have any tips and techniques you use to speed up your phone? Do you have any apps you use optimize the process?

Kris is a former AndroidPIT Editor who came to the team via a lengthy period spent traveling and relying on technology to keep him in touch with the outside world. He can usually be found juggling three phones at once and poring over G+ posts, Reddit and RSS feeds.

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  • Lexcorp Sep 19, 2014

    My devices:

    1.- Moto X 2013 (4.4.4)
    - Time To open an app: 0
    - Lag: 0.

    2.- iPad 2 (iOS 8)
    - Time To open an app: zzzzzzz...
    - Lag: zzzz.

    3.- iPhone 4 (iOS 7)
    - Time To open an app: zzz.
    - Lag: zz.

    iOS users have lag. A so much in some iDevices.


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  • I have lg ultimate 2 tracfone..a great phone..but last few facebook is lagging when I click on it to open.suggestions? thanks..

  • I used Shutapp..totally close backgroud app.

  • Don't suppose you have tips for an S3. Mine has developed the " Unfortunately the process android ( whatever I opened be it Text,phone,contacts,etc) has stopped. I notice in my Settings -All Prgrammes, there are no bytes recorded against the Android System File. Plaese don't say the only cure is "Factory Re-Set" cos I feel like just getting a bigger hammer.DAVE.

    • Let me ask, did u do what this article said and go into "Settings > Storage> (here u should see data values for Apps, Pics, Downloads, etc.)>Misc. or Misc. Files? and when u tap on it brought u into a list of files with check boxes next to them as mentioned by this article.. If u cleared out System Files then u might have erased everything. *You have to remember that in your file manager in Android folder when opened has a sub-folder usually named .data*** opening this folder displays "No Files"..... This isnt true, the files are hidden from user access as protection from user error... The files are emulated, meaning the value might say "0.00KB" but the files are in seed there. This careless article telling readers to open Storage and clear out files in the Misc. section is rediculous as this Misc. Folder has some important Android system files "hidden" there. I did something similar years ago I opened All Apps and opened data storage page for Google app and talked "Clear Data" instead of "Clear Cache" and it wiped out all of my personal data I stored with Google. What a pain wiping out your Gmail Account info as it is the primary account used by Android! **TIP*** "If you have to factory reset since your phone is out of order, use a computer to access your Google Account and DISCONNECT YOUR PHONE FROM GOOGLE ACCOUNT BEFORE RESETTING. IF YOU FACTORY RESET WHILE YOUR DEVICE IS STILL SIGNED INTO GOOGLE IT WILL WIPE OUT YOUR DATA FROM GOOGLE SERVERS. I found out the hard way and lost all my saved passwords and about 200+ Bookmarks! And after factory reset couldn't log into Google account because "unknown device" was all I got attempting log on...

  • Sue Boyde 6 months ago Link to comment

    How about tips to speed up Android phones in general? This only covers two specific models. - mind you, I've had my Moto G for 9 months and its still fast. Maybe these are the only two that have a problem.

    • Mark G. 6 months ago Link to comment

      The points mentioned in the article are fairly universal in that they will work for the majority of Android devices.

      • Sue Boyde 6 months ago Link to comment

        Yes. To start with, I saw the first few line of the article - links for 2 phone models - and then a huge ad, so I assumed that was all there was.

  • hi every bady i have a one problem that so i need to solve it please help me
    my problem is: my galaxy s5 has not working at the touch screen so is the new i doese't used and it is not working

  • 1. First of all, whether it's computer or cellphone, rule of thumb is

    keep it simple. The lesser number of items on your device the more

    control you would have over it. A simpler device runs smoothly and

    does not get into hassles of virus infection easily, as you know what

    is going on in the device; unless you by chance have installed

    something 'unsafe' without knowing it.

    2. Uninstall anything unnecessary.

    For more steps go to


  • If you want to speed up your phone, just remove all apps you don't use. Example how fast some app could be try AppUseFree or PhoneUseFree from qooqle play.

  • My Samsung Galaxy S6 overnight turned itself off , now all I have is a blue flashing light help needed pls .

  • Huy Pham 9 months ago Link to comment

    Dolphin is quite lagging and unstable when it comes to downloading in general with many broken files but sure comes with a whole lot of rare and useful functions such as flash and a reliable video capture system, not mention the versatile and clean display.

  • if u want to speed up your phone . just remove facebook app and messenger . you will see the difference

  • Lev S 10 months ago Link to comment

    after downloading an voice recorder app on my phone it suddenly became very buggy and all apps will crash or not respond even after uninstall. Beside factory restore any other way I can clear the bug or the problem?

  • hello dear members , i have an issue of being stopped on whatsapp....if i try to my number i see this message that says are no longer allowed to use whatsapp service on this number +250788708948 how cat tell me how to overcome this issue.thanks alot. give me feedback please

  • Your Android is a powerful device, but powerful output means powerful input. In other words, the more you use your device the quicker you're going to drain the battery, and batteries drain quickly on Android devices.

  • Moussa Apr 15, 2015 Link to comment

    I'm referring to you @Madars Mar .

  • Moussa Apr 15, 2015 Link to comment

    I have a note 4and I never had to download a booster for it SO I don't Know what you're talking about.

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