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Will an Apple Ban Finally Force Samsung to Drop the Worst of Touchwiz?
Samsung Apple Hardware 2 min read 9 comments

Will an Apple Ban Finally Force Samsung to Drop the Worst of Touchwiz?

Through all the hand-wringing about the validity of the juror's decision to award Apple such a hefty sum, one fact has remained inescapable, even to the most diehard Android fans: Touchwiz is a terrible imitation of iOS. This we will concede, no matter how much we think Apple has no right to patent rounded rectangles. Touchwiz can die.

So we're actually heartened to hear that, after Apple filed to ban eight devices in the U.S., including the Galaxy S2, Samsung is planning to take "all neccessary measures to ensure the availability of our products in the U.S. market," as the company said on Tuesday.

Could this mean, perhaps, that Samsung will finally abandon Touchwiz for a UI that's less Apple-icious?

Samsung officials have already begun talking to wireless carriers about "removing or modifying infringing features" to keep products on shelves. Here's an idea: just abandon Touchwiz. Delete it and replace it with stock Android. There's your billion dollars back, Samsung.

I doubt that will actually happen (probably just a few icons, and the "bounce-back" feature, will be replaced), but it definitely is a nice pipe dream. As one Reddit commenter put it, "If Apple inadvertently killed Touchwiz, that'll be the best thing it's ever done for Android."

(Top photo: Galaxy Note 10.1 screenshot by Android Police).


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  • @CJ Brown
    LOL as you wish =PP

  • @Anna F - I haven't purchased a Tablet yet (waiting for Xmas time) but I have tested them @ the local Best Buy (I actually prefer Toshiba's Tablets overall) ...

    As soon as I get a new HTC with ice cream sandwich, its back to modifying it into a TRON LEGACY theme :-)

  • @CJ Brown
    There are already apps in the Play Store developed to replace the stock launcher. I'm currently using Apex launcher and the only reason I got into custom launchers in the first place was to get rid of TouchWiz. But I'll be rooting my phone soon so I'll get rid of TouchWiz once and for all :)

  • here we go again with more spam (lol) ... I've tried Touchwiz, its not a bad app but its also not such a great app that Samsung needs to fight for it ... I agree that it would be better to remove Touchwiz (vs paying Apple) allowing for Stock Android (its only a matter of time before someone will develop an app to replace Touchwiz in the Google Play store) ...

  • Actually, I find the swipe-to-call-or-text feature very annoying. The first months after getting my SII I kept calling people accidentally and I still do.

  • I totally agree, Patrick: the swiping-to-call function is brilliant, as is the silencing feature (although newer HTC models offer that feature as well). But it's the look and feel I mean to call out here; it just feels so retrograde compared to space-age stock ICS or Jelly Bean.

  • There are some elements of touchwiz that I love and miss since I switched to MIUI. Not the aesthetics but rather the functional elements. Swiping a contact left or right either calls or messages that person. Flipping over my note or covering the screen with my hand when it rings unexpectedly in a meeting (yes, I sometimes forget to put it in silent). But the look and feel (icons etc) can go. I wouldn't mind the stock look with the gesture functions of TW.

  • Oh please Samsung! Listen to Apple and just ditch TouchWiz! It's horrible. If Samsung went with stock Android they wouldn't have to worry at all about Apple suing them about their phone's UI too.

  • well i dont care what samsung have to do as long sammy dont pay that money to the loosers "apple"