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Apple and Qualcomm make up, the Galaxy Fold breaks down
Samsung Galaxy Fold Hardware Winners and losers 2 min read 2 comments

Apple and Qualcomm make up, the Galaxy Fold breaks down

It's easier to get the top than to stay there. Last week Samsung was the winner with the Galaxy Fold, now the Korean company has slipped and fallen to the losing side with exactly this device. Positive headlines were made by others, namely Apple and Qualcomm.

Winners of the week: Apple and Qualcomm

The lawsuit has been smoldering for years, now it's finally over. Apple and Qualcomm have buried the hatchet and come to an agreement to put Qualcomm chips back in the iPhone. The dispute over licensing costs, especially for Qualcomm's modem chips, has actually been resolved.

The loser in the story is Intel, because as a consequence its modems fly out of the iPhone almost as quickly as they landed in there in the first place. Apple was anything but satisfied with them anyway. No wonder Intel will withdraw from the smartphone modem business. It was still a good week for Apple and Qualcomm, though.

qtm052 antenna module snapdragon x50 5g modem
Qualcomm modems will soon be back in the iPhone / © Qualcomm

Loser of the week: Samsung

A week ago, Samsung was the glorious winner of the week with the Galaxy Fold, now the company is on the losing side precisely because of this device. Where did it all go so wrong? In the case of the Galaxy Fold, it was the display, because numerous press representatives are reporting breakages only two days after receipt of the test devices. In most cases, a film that comes on the display and looks like a display protector was peeled off. Apparently, it is an important part of the flexible display. Only one case is known so far in which the folding display was damaged despite the film. But even one case is one too many for the perhaps fifty Galaxy Folds currently in circulation.

It's not a good start for Samsung and the future of folding smartphones, even if of course not everything is lost yet. There's still a while before the start of sales, and the final devices may well be better than the test models from pre-series production. It will be exciting to see what happens when it comes to foldable smartphones.

What were your tops and flops of the week?


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