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Wo ist mein ... ? Keep cool and check your map
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Wo ist mein ... ? Keep cool and check your map

Does the following scenario sound familiar? You're in a foreign city and you can't for the life of you seem to find your way around. Where the fudge is my car, where the fudge is my hotel, where the fudge is that bench by that fountain where I left my fudging map?

The app Wo ist mein ... ? is meant to help in such situations. Let's find out how it did in our test runs in our review below.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.2 1.2

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G)
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: No
As of: 2.3.3

Wo ist mein ... ? in a nutshell: Start up the app and a map is displayed revealing a tack which shows where your current position is. Your position in updated as soon as you begin to move. Zoom in and out using the tab near the top of the display. You can also use this tab to get back to your current position if ever you've scrolled too far away on the map.

Saving locations works much in the same way. To save your current position (because that's where you've parked your car, for instance) simply hit “save current location”. You can then enter a name for each position. If ever you have used the same name for a new location as for a previous one (e.g. “car parking”) the old location is automatically deleted. This way there's no more frantic scribbling of street names and landmarks to help navigate a foreign city.

Hit “Search position” to check the list of all of your saved locations which includes times and dates of when they were saved. You can select one, some or all of your saved positions to be displayed at once; the same goes for deleting one, some or all of your positions.

There are street map and satellite map views and switching from one to another is very easy to do.

Bottom line:

Wo ist mein ... ? is a straight-forward and easy to use application that makes navigating places easier. It's a no-fuss kind of app that doesn't come with any fancy features; it's pared down to the basics and this makes it quick and easy to use.

Screen & Controls

Wo ist mein ... ? is set up in a nice and straight forward manner. It displays the city or satellite map within a fraction of a second, displaying the current position.
The buttons and tabs come in a good size, making them easy to use, and thanks to the no-fuss design the app is pretty user friendly.


Speed & Stability

Wo ist mein ... ? performed well and without any hiccups throughout our test runs. Loading times are perfectly adequate and the app did not crash.


Price/Performance Ratio

Wo ist mein ... ? costs EUR 1.99 and can be found in the AndroidPIT App Center. While it doesn't come with any extraordinary features it is a useful app to have on board.



Wo ist mein ... ? Keep cool and check your map Wo ist mein ... ? Keep cool and check your map Wo ist mein ... ? Keep cool and check your map

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