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Totally Clueless Apple Fan Buying an iPhone 5 for No Real Reason
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Totally Clueless Apple Fan Buying an iPhone 5 for No Real Reason


Meet Rachel, a woman who is very intent on buying an iPhone 5  – or, as she refers to it, an Apple 5. Rachel camped outside for two days waiting to buy the newest gadget from Apple, but in this interview it appears as if she has no idea what an iPhone is, or that she could buy another phone that is also capable of taking pictures, accessing the Internet and...taking calls.

Rachel wants a phone she can use to text her friends (does she realize you can do that with a $20 phone?) but she's choosing Apple because "it would be cool to use, like every day like a laptop" and she likes that the device has an Apple on it, is "silver, glass, touch screened" and that everything is very "advanced."

Referring to the phone, she says "I haven't seen it yet but I'm pretty sure it would be cool to use." She's also very excited about it having the "internet."

Of course, my first thought was "this woman CANNOT be real," but Mashable also interviewed her, and she seems to be saying the exact same thing to them. It's plausible to me that an Apple shopper would be this clueless about phones. 

I love you, Rachel and I hope you buy so, so many iPhone 5's and are able to take pictures with them all at once, like a giant camera. But stay off that Internet! It's full of tricksters. *

*For the record, there are plenty of uninformed people on both platforms, but Rachel is by far my fave.

Source: Youtube


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  • Oh, no! really Sad!

  • IQ of 50, anyone?

  • May or may not be legit but I am sure both Apple and Android have users like these. I know a couple of guys who gave up their BBs and got S3s just because they did not want the "status quo" phone. Once they got the phones they wanted me to root them out of the box. I did not do it because they did not understand what it meant. I told them to use their phones for a few months first. Only then will I do it if they still want to and understand it. We're on month 2, so far they're happy learning about launchers and widgets. They happily espouse to anyone who would listen how their phones are superior to the iPhone, although I kinda doubt they really know or appreciate why. Lol

  • No. Just no. A set up. Not knowing about iPhone 5 is one thing but not knowing anything about contracts? She'll buy 2 or 3 for $200 a piece? No. Just no. Fail. Only Android's obliviously faithful wouldnt see this for what it is.

  • Stefan is soooooo right.

  • well just look at her face is red like an apple lol

  • Good luck to her....poor girl

  • Apple have convinced alot of people that there phone is the thinest, lightest most powerful and most copied phone in the world. Anyone that wants to be anyone has to own one. Their marketing has obviously worked. This women obviously wants what the media tells her is the best and 'in'. If the bag she is holding is real it probably cost her $2000! Also great marketing.

  • Stefan...agreed! I think there's also a perception among some very ill-informed folks that the iPhone is the ONLY smartphone out there. That's the power of advertising for you.

  •   24
    Deactivated Account Oct 18, 2012 Link to comment

    I want 5 apples.....

  • I'd say the iPhone 5 is the perfect choice for her. People with limited knowledge will always be able to find help there, if there is something not working as she expects.

    E.G. if she can't find the symbol she wants to type on the keyboard, every mildly advanced iPhone user can show her the way quickly. On Android, you'd have to first check what keyboard she uses and which version and maybe you are used to another so you'd have to search for it yourself. Just an example, I am sure there are other situations where less choice can actually help.

    Apple makes a lot of stuff hard wired, and that limits many people but gives many others a safe haven. Nothing I would want, but perfectly legitimate.

  • Well, she knows what she wants, sort of.
    My impression of the video is that it as Android fan making fun of iPhone fans by mocking them, but in reality there are people that like a brand (a lot) for no real reason other than popularity, and can prove to be very loyal to it even if they have no reason to be.

  • OMFG

    This CANNOT be real. If it is..I have an entire new view of the word "sheep"....

    ...that and "brainwashing".

    WTF is Apple 5? OMG she's so stupid.