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The Worst Phones Money Can Buy

The Worst Phones Money Can Buy

Here at AndroidPIT we talk a lot about amazing phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the HTC One X and the Galaxy Nexus. But those are only three of dozens and dozens of phones on sale at your local AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizion store. While all of these chains offer stunning offers on top-of-the-line phones, they also offer crappy deals on terrible phones no one should buy. Worse off, they sometimes even cost more than flagship models! Let's take a look at some of the worst phones – and phone deals – out there.

Why pay 1 cents for a brand new Samsung Infuse at AT&T when you could pay $99 for something called a Samsung Rugby II – a BS fliphone that runs Symian and has a 2MP camera. Seriously, how has the economics of supply and demand made this phone so expensive?

Pantech Ease – also on AT&T, also overpriced at $49 – features a real touchscreen, full keyboard and something called "AT&T Social Net"! Welcome to 2007, AT&T subscribers!

Over at Sprint, they're offering the "rugged" Kyocera DuraPlus phone for a whopping $69.99 (after a $200 mail-in rebate). The phone features "messaging, ringers and a calendar app!" WOW. Says Sprint, "Surf's up! The world wide web is at your fingertips with this web-capable device." Dear Sprint subscribers: spend five minutes researching and realize you can buy the Samsung Conquer 4G for 0$, or the Samsung Epic 4G for $99.

Are you looking for a phone that has numbers on it that you can press and dial? Do you like a screen on your phone and bluetooth? Well then, step right up and buy the Samsung Intensity II! It's free!!!

Or how about a flip phone that flips and stuff? This one, caylled the LG Revere, features a "media center" bluetooth and a tiny camera. And it's only $80! Flippy-flip-flip!


At T-Mobile, you can get the Samsung Dart for free, but it is literally a piece of garbage. We're talking a 3MP camera phone that runs Froyo. For the same price (zero dollars!) you could just buy an HTC Amaze 4G. Seriously, why do people buy this crap? Just because it's tiny?

Things I've learned from researching this article:

  1. Most people don't know anything about phones and will buy whatever for whatever price.
  2. Verizon has by far the crappiest, most expensive phones, followed by AT&T
  3. T-Mobile, surprisingly, has some of the best selection of quality Android devices.
  4.  All the carriers rely on a steady stream of clueless customers to sell their exceedingly mediocre phones for outrageous prices.

(Top picture: Knowyourcell.com)

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  • I believe Cellular Service Providers prey upon the Elderly who just want a simple Cellular Phone (yes, there are some people out there who only just want to text & talk - & they don't care if their so called new cel phone is a piece of sh@t so long as their monthly payments are cheap) ...

  • So the Samsung Dart is "literally a piece of garbage"? I wonder what it is, exactly...a moldy piece of bread? A banana peel, perhaps, or a half eaten apple?

    Writers who don't understand the meaning of as basic a word as "literally" would do well not to call anyone clueless.

  • Ok. We pretty much agree that these are pretty ordinary and wonder why they even exist. However, I'm going to put another spin on why these phones still sell. I don't think I'm wrong in saying that the members of Android Pit are discerning enthusiasts and we're always looking for the next, best... Innovation, design etc. but not everyone who gets a phone shares our enthusiasm. There are customers who want a phone that just is a phone. They aren't interested in social messaging, any form of apps, or games. (horror). Now,a an example, my folks are 91 and 87. My well meaning sister gave them a smart phone. Disaster! Touch keypad... Too small (need glasses). Within moments of touching the screen they would end up in locations that would confuse the most aware geek. Navigating to find contacts...or anything like that is not that intuitive. Ok. Before you say, "but, my grandma has no problems!" I'm sure you're right, but there are a lot out there that find it all to hard. (hey...we've all heard the ios user say that they find Android too confusing (???) My folks now have a $19 phone with a "proper"keypad that they can see (and it talks the numbers) and they are as happy as Larry. So... My point is, someone is going to like those lousy phones. Just not us.

  • KevinE May 16, 2012 Link to comment

    Samsung Transform


  • Why do you say, "T-Mobile, surprisingly...". I've been with T-Mobile for nearly 10 years, and have nothing but good things to say about them. I, in fact, own the T-Mobile HTC HD2, and have it operating with three different operating systems, including the newest version of Android, ICS.

  • Samsung still has a Symbian Phone on offer. Wow — did not know that.

  • man...what a bunch of crappy phones

  • One MAJOR omission related to the initial cost of the phone--only the Dart is a smart phone. The other dumb basic phones do not have the data plan/data feature requirements, thus cheaper monthly bill.

    My children get basic phones. Paying monthly data fees for two smart phones and two tablets is costly enough.

  • Relatives: They Just Don't "Get" Phones.

    Like, ever.

  • Ti Mo May 15, 2012 Link to comment

    My uncle got a new Verizon contract.. everything unlimited. And guess what kind of phone he got?
    A phone that looks like a Samsung intensity II
    I had to laugh my Ass off when he showed us his new phone :D

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