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wp clock design live wallpaper -- Typographic Wallpaper

The reason why many of us don't even bother wearing wrist watches any longer is because smartphones are just as good at informing us what time it is. Don't get me wrong: I will forever have a soft spot for wrist watches (in fact, I hope to see the pocket watch make a comeback), but I'm also quite happy to customise my Android device's time display. Similarly to actual, real life watches, smartphone time displays have become a means to exhibited one's style, and what better way to do so than via a live wallpaper?

Have a read through our review of wp clock design live wallpaper for some fun options on how to make a statement using colours, animations and more.



Reviewed version Latest version
2.2.1 2.5.6

Features & Use

The app doesn't take long at all to install, but it does require a fair amount of permissions which you have to accept in order to download it. The developers explain why each permission is required on their website, so click here in case you've any doubts.

The app I am testing for you here is a free (or trial) version of wp clock, but being the thorough reviewer that I am (some say “thorough”, others say “total and utter nerd”) I of course snuck a peak at the full version in order to see what else the app has to offer. While the full version is much more customisable, the free version is pretty nifty, so let's take a closer look at it.

wp clock design live wallpaper has a very graphic look to it, displaying a good selection of information on the homescreen. This includes:

  • Time, date, week, month and year (time can be shown in 12h or 24h, with or without AM/PM indication)
  • WiFi/WLan (SSID) stats, including signal strength and network type
  • Battery level in %

The full version also has an option for showing the weather and position details, a background slideshow option, multiple language support and much, much more.

Aside from its cool, graphic appearance, I would say the app's biggest advantage is that it's highly customisable, or rather the full version is. Change the font colour, animation features, background, opacity and format to suit your screen (again, please note that not all of these features are unlocked; they can be unlocked via in-app purchase or by showing your support of the app on Facebook).
If you decide to stick with the free version, you'll have only a few options to play around with, but the end result will still be a sleek looking graphic wallpaper that reveals a lot of useful info at a glance.

Bottom line:

wp clock design live wallpaper has the kind of design that's mainstream enough to please a lot of people, but sleek and graphic enough to appeal to aesthetically picky users, too. It helps display elemental information on your homescreen in way that makes it easy to see everything at a glance, all the while looking pretty cool. I am awarding the app 4 stars because I think a lot of wallpaper fans will appreciate wp clock, but would like to again point out that the free version is rather minimal when it comes to customisation options.


Screen & Controls

wp clock design live wallpaper's design is no doubt what draws most users to it. It's useful to boot in the sense that the cool looking wallpaper actually displays all of the most relevant information and phone stats.

Using the application is very straight forward thanks to its no-nonsense set up.


Speed & Stability

wp clock design live wallpaper performs well and, perhaps most importantly, despite being a wallpaper it isn't at all power-hungry and won't drain your device's battery.


Price/Performance Ratio

wp clock design live wallpaper is free but the features are very pared down in comparison to the full version. To be fair, the devs have included options for short trials to test out the full version, as well as an option to unlock more features by becoming a fan on Facebook.



wp clock design live wallpaper -- Typographic Wallpaper wp clock design live wallpaper -- Typographic Wallpaper

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