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WTF App: Between Us* – An App for You and Your Lover


FINALLY someone has released an app that allows couples to text to each other instead of actually spending quality time together. Between Us* is an app that allows "lovers" to post photos, quickly chat and send "emotional messages" to each other, because those are things they obviously can't do anywhere else....

Okay, so maybe I'm just in a snarky mood but this app has got to be one of the most derivative things I've ever seen. And yet it still has somehow racked up over 100,000 downloads on Google Play (proving, once again, that the masses have odd taste). 

I can see this being helpful for couples in long-distance relationships, but there's nothing here that GMail, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ, Path and others can't provide (and I'm sure I'm missing a few dozen others). 

Here's a painfully awkward promotional video, featuring a couple that may or may not have met 5 minutes before shooting...

 If you really want to connect with your significant other, how about dropping the smartphone and actually talking face-to-face?

Source: Google Play

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