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X Construction Lite - Building Bridges

X Construction Lite - Building Bridges

Bridge builders are a classic among flash games. X Construction Lite brings you the same vibe to your Android, but with much less success. The game may not be up to par, but you could still spend a lot of time playing it. Find out why in today’s test!



Reviewed version Latest version
1.04 1.6

Features & Use

It’s quite elementary and simple, really. The point of the game is to build a stable bridge between two points from a certain amount of construction parts so that a train can ride across it. Don’t be fooled by how easy this sounds; this game is a real challenge! You have to have some basic understandings of physics and engineering to calculate the distribution of weight across the entire span of the bridge. One weak link could endanger the entire construction and destroy the bridge. So it’s up to you to make the right decisions and construct a safe and reliable crossing.

Unfortunately, X Construction Demo doesn’t hold true to the promise of being realistic and based on actual physics. Instead of being a semi-realistic simulation based actual physics, this game is just one of the fun and casual games to kill the time. In other words, X Construction Like has as much to do with bridge building engineering as Call of Duty with actual war-making.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that X Construction requires no logic. Indeed, the game does involve some critical thinking and planning, but just enough to build an odd-looking bridge that can get the train across. Never mind the fact that the bridge looks neither sturdy nor realistic. The main aim here is to get the train from A to B.

There are still some funny and exciting moments to look forward. Every time the bridge collapses, for example, the train cars go tumbling down into the abyss and you can actually hear the passengers screaming as they fall. The game principle is super simple with just a few basic items. There are no extra materials or points to collect. With every bridge you start off with basically the same materials. Period.

Nevertheless, I managed to have some fun playing the game, although I completed all of the demo in a flash. You can even adjust the difficulty level to make the trains heavier.

Bottom Line: Simple, lack of depth, unrealistic game physics and just plain boring – that’s how I would best sum up X Construction Lite.


Screen & Controls

The graphics are simple. Too simple, in fact. X Construction Lite definitely needs a boost in terms of graphics. At least the controls are mostly OK, but also not exactly great. Especially in the building mode, it’s difficult to place the individual parts exactly where you’d like them to be.


Speed & Stability

 Didn’t notice any issues with reliability, but X Construction Lite is extremely sluggish once the train stats running. Maybe it has something to do with the physics engine, but games like Stair Dismount have both good graphics and physics without any lags.

Price/Performance Ratio

X Construction Lite is available for free from the Android Market, includes ads and has fewer levels. In the paid version (1€) there are more levels, no ads and a “free building mode”. I would recommend trying out the demo first.



X Construction Lite - Building Bridges X Construction Lite - Building Bridges X Construction Lite - Building Bridges

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