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Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S: new details reveal a much improved camera

The Mi Mix 2S is set to be a huge improvement on its predecessor with more camera features, better AI capabilities, a modern bezel-less design, and wireless charging. Here is everything we know so far, with the latest revealing what camera features we can expect ahead of the launch on March 27.

Discover more about the camera

Portrait mode

Unlike the Mi Mix 2, the 2S may incorporate a portrait mode feature. XDA developers discovered this through a method to check whether a particular feature is in fact enabled for this device. In the MIUI Camera APK, after looking at the is_supported_portrait value, you can see that it is set to true. 

The Pixel 2, which has earned a great reputation concerning the quality of its photos, has both portrait mode and a dual camera, something that the predecessor to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S did not have, so hopefully the new version will be packing both features at its launch. 

Multi Frame Noise Reduction (MFNR) and slow motion

If you're unfamiliar with the term, MFNR is where several photos are taken rapidly, which are then added together, and the result is an image with reduced noise. This feature is part of the Qualcomm Spectra 280 ISP in the Snapdragon 845 system.

When compared to its predecessor, the Mi Mix 2S should therefore have improved slow motion modes with either 1080p or 120fps, or 720p and 240fps, rather than 720p and 120fps. Obviously this isn't comparable to new top-of-the-range cameras that also have slow motion features, such as the latest Sony and Samsung flagships, but Xiaomi fans can expect a great improvement.

20180228 073126
Don't set your expectations too high, the Mi Mix 2S can't compete with the S9 or the Xperia XZ2 cameras  / © AndroidPIT

HEVC Encoding, Parallel Processing and Dual SAT

We do know that HEVC will support video encoding, which has advantages over the previous version, H.264. It has the ability to compress videos more effectively, while maintaining the same image quality. 

Taking a closer look at the firmware, there is something more mysterious. Two other features were noticed, named parallel processing and dual SAT camera. Both are enabled in the configuration file, although there is no further information regarding what exactly they do. It's clear though, that Xiaomi are taking advantage of the latest technologies.

What camera features are you hoping to see?



Extremely thin bezels

Two real life photos purported to be of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S have emerged on Weibo, as well as a new render and camera sample. If these newly-leaked images are to be believed as true, Xiaomi's upcoming bezel-less smartphone will not, in fact, have the now infamous camera notch up top.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S real life image leak weibo
Could this be the Mi MIX 2S in the wild? / © Weibo

The front photo clearly shows the extremely thin bezels that the Mi MIX phones are known for. Even the ‘chin’ below the display is extremely thin. The power and volume buttons turn up on the right side and the photographed device is clearly running Xiaomi’s very own MIUI OS.

xiaomi mi mix 2s weibo leak
The 'chin' is the biggest bezel, and is still very small. / © Weibo

The photos don't show the back of the phone, but the leaker also posted a render of the smartphone which showed off a horizontally-aligned dual camera setup on the back.

Does the horizontal setup look better? / © Weibo

This contradicts previously leaked renders that displayed a vertically-aligned dual camera setup, so we're still not sure what to expect from the final product. Nonetheless, we can be certain to see a dual camera on the ear, regardless of the arrangement.

The world's fastest Snapdragon 845

Xiaomi boasts having the world's fastest Snapdragon 845 in its latest devices. It seems that the company wants to use a particular type of optimization to ensure its Snapdragon 845 is the fastest of all. This could be a cooling system that would allow higher frequencies or whether it is a pure software optimization, we are curious to know if this is true.

First dual camera for the MIX series will be equipped with AI

One of the many pieces of information taken from the brand's firmware would indicate the presence of a dual camera. From the image below, you can see the camera watermark, which is practically boasting the AI dual camera. Unfortunately we don't have any concrete information as of yet about these functions.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Camera Watermark 1024x231 waifu2x photo noise3 scale tta 1
Speriamo Xiaomi abbia risolto uno dei punti deboli di Mi MIX 2. / © Xda Developers

A gif published by the company's official account seems to suggest the independent operation of the two cameras (it's a bit of a fantasy, I know), and could represent a sensor optimized for night shots. similar to the OnePlus 5T.

The front camera stays where it is

Some of the earliest alleged renderings for the Mi MIX 2S suggested a front camera positioned at the upper right corner of the smartphone, forming a small indent in the display.

At XDA Developers, they are always digging through the official firmware information for smartphones, and came to the conclusion that the front camera will be below the display. It seems that Xiaomi wants to position the front camera in the same place as Mi MIX and Mi MIX 2.

7e394232gy1fobalkvvh0j20hs0m8ab9 waifu2x photo noise3 scale tta 1
This rendering is apparently inacurate / © SlashLeaks

The process analyzed by XDA's experts is FrontCameraAtBottom(), containing information regarding smartphones with the code names Lithium, Chiron and Polaris aka MIX, MIX2 and the presumed MIX 2S. This code would enable you to turn the camera app when you rotate your smartphone to shoot a selfie.

We could have wireless charging, finally!

One thing that the Mi MIX series has been lacking so far was the absence of Qi wireless charging. Despite the devices having a ceramic body that wouldn't disrupt wireless charging, Xiaomi hasn't yet included this type of charging in its smartphones.

wirelsee charge video
At last, Xiaomi! / © XDA Developers

The video you see above has been extracted from the official MIUI firmware, with instructions to users on how to use this new type of charging. The picture shows a smartphone that looks incredibly similar to the Xiaomi MI MIX 2, which doesn't support Qi charging. It could therefore be the Mi MIX 2S with a design similar to the previous model. The name 2S and not 3, would therefore make sense.

What else do we know?

We don't have enough technical specifications to provide you with any further information for now, but we know that the phones will be launched with Android 8.0 and support for Google ARCore. It will also have DualSIM support and infrared LED for use as a remote control. 

The smartphone display is likely to once again be 18:9, bezel-less on three sides and with a resolution of 2160x1080 pixels. The built-in battery will be 3400mAh, not amazing but more than enough to get through the day.

The competition is heating up

The Huawei P20 series won't be the only smartphones being presented on March 27th. To compete with the most anticipated event of the month, Xiaomi is expected to launch its new Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S, too.

We don't know if this is just a coincidence, but if it is true and both devices will be launched on the same day, then the news about the Mi MIX 2S will likely take second place behind the new Huawei flagships.

Are you interested to see what Xiaomi will bring with the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S? Tell us below.

Source: XDA Developers



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