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XnSketch - Bring pictures to life with your creativity!
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XnSketch - Bring pictures to life with your creativity!

Instagram on Android brought with it all the effects and filters and was supposed to give to your photos a vintage look. If you're like me and you've had enough of those, check out XnSketch. It allows you to transform your pictures into nice drawing or sketches. We've tested it out in today's app test review!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.9 1.82

Features & Use

Test device : Nexus 4
Android version : 4.2.2
Root needed : no
App version : 1.8.5

The developers of XnSketch - and Resize Me! that we've also recently tested – have managed to come up with a very small packaged app (2.2 kb). XnSketch is designed to transform your photos into drawings, just like Paper Camera, but unlike the latter, it's offered for free.

On the start page, XnSketch prompts you to import pictures from your image gallery or to capture one right on the spot. Once you've made your selection, the fun part begins. A first tab allows you to use simple controls like brightness, contrast or saturation.

The Magic Wand is quite a comical tool, for which 20 different modes are available : pastel, neon, sketch, pen, cartoon, copy, black or white line and then list goes on. The modes can easily be switched in the matter of seconds and I have to admit, I'm happily surprised by the results. All the effects are very well designed and the cartoon or the sketch effects have a very nice rendering.
Unlike the majority of picture editing applications, XnSketch simply gives quality results.

The last tab contains all the settings, but when I tried to click on it, only a nice ''No settings'' message was displayed.

Once you're done with the editing, you can share it. The small disk icon allows you to save your work on your Android device, while choosing its quality and the size. The two arrow icons will share your masterpiece with all your friends, either by email or on your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, etc. )

Bottom Line

XnSketch is a small app, which will allow you to edit original pics. The app is really easy to use, anyone can manage to modify a picture. I cannot recommend it enough.  

Screen & Controls

The controls in XnSketch are really easy to comprehend. Bars allow you to set the desired amount of brightness, contrast or saturation simply by swyping. Icons are crystal clear and shows exactly what editing tool it contains. No tutorial needed, which is a plus for the whole family.  As for the design, it's very simple as well. No nonsense, black background and simple icons. It's maybe not the best looking app, but at least it's very handy.  

Speed & Stability

Rock solid and smooth: those are the two adjectives that come to mind when thinking about XnSketch. There were no delays or crashes, even when completing photo editing on my Nexus 4.  

Price/Performance Ratio

XnSketch is available for free on AndroidPIT's App Center and on Google Play. The ads in the apps don't hinder its proper use in any way. For a free app, it works absolutely fine!


XnSketch - Bring pictures to life with your creativity! XnSketch - Bring pictures to life with your creativity! XnSketch - Bring pictures to life with your creativity! XnSketch - Bring pictures to life with your creativity! XnSketch - Bring pictures to life with your creativity!


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