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Xpert-Timer Time Tracking

Xpert-Timer Time Tracking

Sign o’ the times... We are living in an age where time is playing a more crucial role than ever: when’s our next meeting with our clients? How long is it going to last? Which project will we be discussing? When you’re under pressure and need to keep on top of things the last thing you need is a big paper mess—which is where Android comes in! And apps like the one we’re reviewing for you today: Xpert-Timer Time Tracking.


Reviewed version Latest version

Features & Use

Testing device: HTC Wildfire
Android Version: 2.1
Usable as of: 1.6
Authorizations: legitimate

Xpert-Timer Time Tracking is not only good for planning things time-wise, it can also be used to manage several clients and the respective projects linked to said clients. Keeping track of how many hours you spend on each project is also possible, as is setting a specific project as your “default”; when you load the program this project will then appear on your display.

You keep track of your working hours using the start, pause, and stop buttons, much like a good old fashioned shift punch clock. It goes without saying that you can edit any entries you make—say, if you “forgot” to note your lunch break. It isn’t a big deal if you quit the app after having started a timer: the timer will keep going until you stop it, even if your Android reboots.

A whole bunch of lists help you keep track of all your data and entries: times, overviews of days, weeks, and years, client lists, overviews of projects, etc. To top it all off the app comes with export functions, which means you can backup all your data (meaning data can be forwarded to another device, or if you switch from the test version to the full version you take your data with you… N.B: backups aren’t possible in the test version). Overviews can be saved as HTML, XML, and CVS.

There’s a clause in Permissions that states that the app required internet connection—which might make a few people do a double-take. You can rest easy, though: this is required to ensure the help display, the link towards the website, Google Maps, Google LVL, etc. I can’t go into everything the app has to offer (such as GPS data—which, admittedly, lags somewhat; this function might be removed in the future).

The test version and its limitations:
The test version provides all the same functions as the full version. Limitations are, well, limited to the running period, and that it isn’t possible to run backups. I was happy with the test version for two months before I felt the need to switch to the full version.

Bottom line:

Xpert-Timer Time Tracking is a well thought out app which will prove to be useful to freelancers as well as other professionals. The different overviews are good for making invoices; once you’ve made up a bill you can send it to a third party via email. What makes the app a must-have app for freelancers is the option to manage several clients and projects at once.


Screen & Controls

You have to take a bit of time to get accustomed to complex apps such as Xpert-Timer Time Tracking. Once you figure out where everything is you will appreciate the app’s thoroughness and tidiness.

After a brief period of “getting to used to working with the app” Xpert-Timer Time Tracking’s controls turned out to be very intuitive. I’ve been using the app for three months and am very satisfied!

Speed & Stability

Xpert-Timer Time Tracking runs smoothly and I know that I can rely on its performance… and that’s about all there is to say in that regard!

Price/Performance Ratio

Xpert-Timer Time Tracking can be downloaded for EUR 4,99. The app comes with great support: questions and problems are answered and addressed promptly and the app does what it sets out to do. The price is therefore justified.


Xpert-Timer Time Tracking Xpert-Timer Time Tracking Xpert-Timer Time Tracking Xpert-Timer Time Tracking Xpert-Timer Time Tracking Xpert-Timer Time Tracking

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