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Yoo Ninja! FREE - Gravity Won't Keep Us Ninjas Down
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Yoo Ninja! FREE - Gravity Won't Keep Us Ninjas Down

Not only are ninjas cool, but apparently they also don’t have to abide by the laws of gravity. Zipping through the air, these little guys can jump from building to building like wild monkeys. Yoo Ninja! FREE is a fun and addictive ninja game that focuses more on the flying rather than fighting side of ninja life.

Delve deeper into the mind of a ninja with today’s review of Yoo Ninja! Free.



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1.2 1.14

Features & Use

In Yoo Ninja! FREE you’re in control of a feisty little ninja kid that is permanently on the run from danger jumping across different obstacles along the way. Set against an Asian-themed background, you’re aim is to keep the ninja running for as long as possible. The little black ninja sprints automatically on his own and you are in charge of controlling the direction of his run. The game is actually very simple: the ninja can either run normally or upside down. By tapping the screen, the ninja switches between these two directions in total disregard of the laws of gravity. After all, he ain’t a ninja for nothing.

Make sure to keep up a rapid pace of progression and not fall behind. If you run too slowly, sharp throwing stars will appear behind and threaten to cut you up. Taking a second too long will get you chopped up into little pieces by those sharp blades. Running over green arrows increases your speed and lets you maintain a safe distance from the throwing stars.

Although this may appear to simplistic based on this description, I guarantee you that Yoo Ninja will you suck you in like no other Android game. The game does take a while to get used to. It’s not easy calculating your jumps correctly without falling into the abyss.
Keep in mind that in world void of gravity, your ninja can fall both down and up – something that is counterintuitive at the beginning. Also, it’s impossible to switch directions once you’re in the air so it’s important to think strategically.

You have the option of playing the game in two modes: story and endless. In story mode, you jump your way through multiple levels in differently themed worlds. Starting in the Village you transition over to the Marine and end up at the Castle stage. Each level gets progressively more challenging and everything increases in pace.

In endless mode, you are running across an infinite number of platforms. Time equals points and the aim here is to collect as many points as possible. Personally, I didn’t find this game mode very interesting because you’re basically just trying to beat your own high score. I prefer playing the game in story mode.

Bottom Line:

Yoo Ninja! Free is an example of a game that gets it right. Instead of adding complicated features and controls, the game is kept simple yet fun. After an initial trial and error period, the game because really addictive and you’ll be flying through the air like there’s no tomorrow.


Screen & Controls

In terms of controls, Yoo Ninja! FREE is simplicity meets user-friendliness. As a completely one-touch game, all you have to do is tap the screen to make the ninja fly through the air and switch directions. It’s kind of amazing how fun a game can be with just one control. No more trying to fumble with virtual buttons: this ninja game is easy and fun to play for everyone that can quickly tap a screen.

As far as the graphics are concerned, they are very cute and pleasant to the eye.

All in all, Yoo Ninja! Free is an all-around great game.


Speed & Stability

Yoo Ninja! FREE runs smoothly on Android phones both young and old. 

Price/Performance Ratio

Yoo Ninja! FREE can be downloaded from the Google Android Market.


Yoo Ninja! FREE - Gravity Won't Keep Us Ninjas Down Yoo Ninja! FREE - Gravity Won't Keep Us Ninjas Down Yoo Ninja! FREE - Gravity Won't Keep Us Ninjas Down Yoo Ninja! FREE - Gravity Won't Keep Us Ninjas Down Yoo Ninja! FREE - Gravity Won't Keep Us Ninjas Down

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  • when i try to download your game it wont let me so i try again and it said "there is some problem u ned to try again" so when i try again it sayx it again and i realy want to play your game so plz sort it out fast i am realy fustrated by your game by the way i qm 11years old making a complate thadnk you!!!!!!!?????