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yuilop Text & Call Free_to_All / yuilop Gratis Telefonieren+SMS
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yuilop Text & Call Free_to_All / yuilop Gratis Telefonieren+SMS

Ah, money: some people have got to have it. Scrimping and saving has its charm, especially when you can save in such a way that you don't have to sacrifice quality of life or contribute needlessly to unjust capitalistic mechanisms. For users who decide against flat rates, bills for mobile minutes can claim quite a chunk out of one's monthly living expenses.

yuilop Text & Call Free_to_All / yuilop Gratis Telefonieren+SMS is an app that promises free calls and text messages to all of your friends, even the ones who aren't using yuilop. Now that's quite a promise; let's see if yuilop can deliver in our review below.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.7.1 Varies with device

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android version: 4.1.1
Root: No
Modifications: None

Once yuilop Text & Call Free_to_All is / yuilop Gratis Telefonieren+SMS has started you will need to verify your phone number, meaning you will receive a call within minutes. Once this is done you can select your new yuilop number.
We recommend using your new number as this will mean that you'll burn less energy points, making it a viable option for users looking for a second number without having to purchase a new SIM.

yuilop works like this: every time you receive calls or text messages to your yuilop number you will also receive yuilop energy. This energy is spent when you then dial or text non-yuilop numbers (calling and texting yuilop to yuilop is completely free).

New users will find that they have 25 points to start off with. Every time a new friend becomes part of yuilop thanks to you, you will receive an additional 20 points. You can receive more energy by installing sponsored apps; the eBay app, for instance, made 12 points during our test runs.

Calling a German landline costs one energy point per minute, an calling a mobile provider costs 2.5 points per minute. The same goes for sending SMS messages. International calls will cost more energy.

Overall, yuilop is a lot like apps such as WhatsApp, except that yuilop provides an overview of all of your contacts and their numbers.

Security is a big issue and yuilop has ensured that all calls are encrypted. Furthermore, frequent controls ensure that everything is a-okay with your yuilop number.

Conversations and calls are displayed in a list view, which is convenient, as all numbers are shown per contact.

Bottom line

I found using yuilop simple and straight forward, and I almost always had enough energy to make calls, etc. If ever you're running low simply refill by installing a sponsored app. 

The quality – contingent on internet connection and network quality – is good overall; texts arrived within seconds.

Please bear in mind that when using yuilop you will have to use another number, which you'll have to share with your contacts so that they know that you're the one calling them (especially if your friends tend to screen calls from unknown numbers).


Screen & Controls

I found that getting my bearings was very easy indeed thanks to the yuilop Text & Call Free_to_All / yuilop Gratis Telefonieren+SMS assistant.

On the other hand, what I didn't like so much is that the tabs are located at the top right corner. This is a little unusual and took some getting used to.

The yuilop design is just fine and the app deserves an overall four star rating for this category.

Speed & Stability

Connecting with yuilop Text & Call Free_to_All / yuilop Gratis Telefonieren+SMS can take a little longer than what you might be used to from your standard provider, but aside from this the app is reliable and speedy.

Price/Performance Ratio

yuilop Text & Call Free_to_All / yuilop Gratis Telefonieren+SMS is free and financed via in-app ad banners, which aren't intrusive in the least.


yuilop Text & Call Free_to_All / yuilop Gratis Telefonieren+SMS yuilop Text & Call Free_to_All / yuilop Gratis Telefonieren+SMS yuilop Text & Call Free_to_All / yuilop Gratis Telefonieren+SMS

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