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Zen Brush - Simple, relaxing sketching

Zen Brush - Simple, relaxing sketching

Did you ever find yourself looking for a simple application, where you can make sketches or casually doodle to pass the time? Zen Brush is made exactly for this, set up in a very creative way. This simple drawing app will give you great results. How it works will be explained in today's app test review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.13_GP 1.21_GP

Features & Use

Test devices
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android version: 4.1.2
root: yes
Modifications: none

App details
Available for 2.2 and higher
Size after installation: about 9 MB
Ice Cream Sandwich or Jellybean optimized: yes

Network communication

Authorization summary
The Authorizations for Zen Brush showed no signs of abnormalities

You'll sometimes see this in Japanese movies: back in the day there were scribe schools, where the students practiced drawing or calligraphy hour after hour. These were done using various mediums, from sand to ink on paper. The latter is more in tune with what Zen Brush is all about. When using the app, it's as if you're using a pen on a piece of paper, capturing this feeling better than any other sketching app. I've been searching for a simpler version of the ''Sketchbook'' app to use on my Galaxy Note 2 for a long time. On the downside, Zen Brush's functions are quite limited: the only tools are paintbrushes (in three different shades), as well as an eraser. You can fade both of these in and out. Zen Brush seems as though it was made for the Galaxy Note 2 and its stylus, since the paintbrush strokes look impeccable on the display.

In the fee-based version, you have over 49 different backgrounds (which also provide various paintbrush colors) to chose from. The free version only has 10. On top of that, the fee-based version allows you to undo your mistakes. If you feel you don't really need this feature, then you can go with the free version, which I highly recommend. The pictures can be saved and shared.

Bottom Line

There's almost nothing left to say about Zen Brush. The app is very modest and it's exactly for this reasons that many users will find it interesting. Sometimes you don't even really need those apps where sky's the limit. With a little creativity and talent (which I unfortunately don't have), you'll be able to create one or two pieces of art with this app. Zen Brush is so simple, that it didn't include a zoom or undo functions, which could have been very practical.

Screen & Controls

Zen Brush's simplicity is shown within its user interface. All the functions are in one bar found right at the bottom of the screen. The app is easy to operate and the design (if you can even call it that) is modest, yet functional.

Speed & Stability

There were absolutely no stability problems throughout testing Zen Brush, which I found was really good. You get the feeling again and again that your paintbrush strokes could be a little more directly painted onto the display, which means that lag between the drawing on the display and what actually appears is bigger than with other apps. But at least, it lags in a way that isn't extremely annoying.

Price/Performance Ratio

Zen Brush can be acquire for free in the Google Play store. To unlock all the functions and deactivate the ads, you can pay for the full version for the price of 3.50 USD. I'd like to point out that Sketchbook Mobile costs only 1.98 USD, therefore Zen Brush isn't really a bargain.


Zen Brush - Simple, relaxing sketching Zen Brush - Simple, relaxing sketching Zen Brush - Simple, relaxing sketching Zen Brush - Simple, relaxing sketching

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