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Zombie Derby - No one from the Undead shall pass!!
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Zombie Derby - No one from the Undead shall pass!!

Games with zombies (as well as films) have become very popular in recent years. Zombie Derby has worked this trend to its advantage and delivers an entertaining game in which the cars actually are the real stars. How Zombie Derby did in the test will be exposed in today's app test review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.5 1.1.35

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android 4.1.2
Root: yes
Modifications: Perseus Kernel

App Details
Applicable for Android 2.3 and higher
Size after installation: 48 MB
Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean optimized: yes

Network communication

Permissions Summary
The permissions seemed to be a-ok!

Zombie Derby is basically very similar to the game Hillclimb Racer. You buy cars, upgrade them constantly and travel along different routes to your destination (in Hillclimb Racer but there is no target). The only differences is that you have to fight off zombies in Zombie Derby! This is done by either using upgradeable machine guns or the "old-fashioned" running them over! Once you reach a certain distance, you can get free cars and purchase paid ones with earned coins. Certain routes can be only with the right car or a newer model. You get a nice mix of driving skills and killing zombies which allows you to earn points and reach your destination.

You'll also be able to upgrade the engine, nitro, fuel tank, tires and hood structure, which all allow you to quickly and more effectively speed through the zombies. The gameplay is easy to learn and you're able to unlock new cars and tracks. Hunting that high score hunting motivates you to get to the end. An interesting feature is the integration of the position sensor to steer the cars by slightly tilting the device. The accelerator pedal, nitro boost and machine gun need to be used effectively otherwise you will run out. There are also obstacles such as boxes and gasoline barrels.

Bottom Line

Zombie Derby provides great entertainment with a blend of driving and zombies. IT doesn't take long to unlock everything which means that the player's motivation drops significantly after that point. It’s a shame that once you've driven on a track, there are far fewer coins to collect when playing it again.

Screen & Controls

While the 3D graphics belonging to Zombie Derby can't quite keep up with top games despite the its very detailed modeled cars, it still looks good and serves its purpose perfectly. The controls are easy to learn and work fine, only the menus needs a bit of improvement: you often have to click twice to get the game into the "garage". Once in the garage and it will give you an error and say that some can not be upgraded.

Speed & Stability

Zombie Derby worked great on my Galaxy Note 2 without any problems.

Price/Performance Ratio

Zombie Derby is available for free in the Google Play store and there is no real reason to spend money. You're to pay to get rid of the ads but these don't really bother during the game play.


Zombie Derby - No one from the Undead shall pass!! Zombie Derby - No one from the Undead shall pass!! Zombie Derby - No one from the Undead shall pass!!


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