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No Android 2.2 For Droid Incredbile Just Yet
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No Android 2.2 For Droid Incredbile Just Yet

I wrote on August 16th that Mashable received word from a source of theirs that the Android 2.2 update for the HTC Droid Incredible, but the 18th came and went, with no signs of FroYo releasing. In additon, a tweet from Verizon Wireless Support's official Twitter account debunks the update rumors, saying that they "currently do not have information for the Incredible update at this time and is not being sent out today."

Android Central is quick to point out how these rumored updates often go:

Not to rain on everybody's parade, but it is worth reminding that the rumor in question started by Mashable was of the "somebody told us" variety, without any real sourcing. And we've seen rumored updates (especially for Verizon updates) fall through before. We're excited right along with you, but we're also sitting back with a fair amount of skepticism.

Phandroid observes that "if there is an update coming soon Verizon is staying tight-lipped on it. Either that or they really have no definitive timeframe for when the update will be offered."

I really wish I had better news for you guys, as I just spoke with a friend from back home who just placed an order for a Droid Incredible, and after the long delays regarding the handset shipments because of the displays, I am having a hard time thinking of a user group that has been given a harder treatment than Droid Incredible (besides maybe HTC Hero users).

Other Sources: Android Central, Droid-Life, Phandroid

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