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Samsung To Apple: Is That All You've Got?

Authored by: Aaron Tilton — Oct 5, 2011

When Apple announced their iPhone4 S yesterday I have to admit, I was surprised. I was expecting some major new super smartphone to help affirm their dominance in the Steve-Jobs-less era. Well, Apple surprised me and apparently the tech specs of their new (should we start saying Android-killer?) iPhone 4S so pleasantly surprised Samsung, that they released a quick spec comparison showing that, as cool as Apple's new voice command software may be, the iPhone is with out a doubt not the industry leader in smartphone technology.

True, the iPhone 4S has a beefed up processor and improved camera, but in this day and age where connectivity is king, can a flagship phone really afford to launch without 4G/LTE capabilities?

Taking a quick look at the provided comparison it's clear; The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the better phone. But specs aren't everything and the iPhone brand carries enough weight to give almost anything the Android community comes up with a run for its money. So what does the AndroidPIT community think? Will Samsung finally steal Apple's the lime light or with the iPhone be able to maintain it's dominate position?

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