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Siri a "Google-Killer"? Don't Make Me Laugh

So. Funny story. Apple releases a phone that has a processor which finally matches its Android counterparts, an operating system that incorporates numerous features from Android and one – just one – truly new feature: an application called Siri that acts as a fairly effective virtual assistant. 

Then, on October 19th, Android introduces a new operating system – and phone – that features advanced NFC technology, face recognition security, bluetooth-enabled gameplay, a built-in data monitor, built-in panoramic function, the most pixel-rich display on the U.S. market, a barometer for fast GPS-lock on and dozens of other  tweaks that would take paragraphs to explain.

Nine days later, someone at Forbes says that Siri trumps all that. She is a "Google-killer." 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Forbes Magazine has a seriously stupid article about how Siri – literally the iPhone 4S's only notable new feature – will eventually kill not just Android, but the entire Google company! Why? Because she "works" (I should hope so...), "has personality," (i.e., can imitate the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey) "is hard to copy" (technically she IS a copy...), and has "potential to improve" (don't all apps?).

It is such a flaming pile of Apple fanboy rubbish that I seriously wonder how Forbes could ever have published it. 

Source: Forbes


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  • While I agree that Siri can be an excellent tool, most people will be fine without it. Will it become the downfall of all Apple competitors? No. This article feels like it was written to advertise Siri more than prove a point. Android has many similar apps already. None have the serious marketing power backing Siri.

  • And I thought that Steven Jobs and his Apple drones didn't have humour. Well, I guess the last laugh is on me. Or not.

  • I bet it wasn't supposed to do that.. lol

  • Smokes crack? I'll assume Google Reader wasn't supposed to pick that title up? :-P

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