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[Study] Weather Apps Make the Most Money

Authored by: Steven Blum — Sep 14, 2011

(Pallmary Weather App for Android)

New numbers have been announced pertaining to Android Market apps. It appears that there were around 277,252 apps in the market at the end of August 2011, and about 35% of these apps were paid apps. Android Market has also recently surpassed 6 billion downloads, with 25% of those downloads being games.

The average paid app goes for about $3 and, interestingly enough, the paid apps that seem to make the most cumulative moolah are the ones that tell users about the weather. Yup, that's right: it's ain't the tower defence games, but the apps that tell users if it's raining cats and dogs outside that seem to be dmaking the most money.

Why weather? Well, it could be that it's a relatively niche market with not so many apps and, bevause of that, the average weather app is likely to make a whole lot more money. The next category of apps that seem to do well pertain to business, then productivity, and then media and video apps.

The average weather app made a cumulative revenue of $21,000 while the average app out of all genres made a cumulative $2,500. Quite a big difference, I think. While nearly a quarter of all apps downloaded on Android Market were games, the monetization potential of these apps is rather mediocre due to intense competition. Games made an average of just under $5,000 cumulative.

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