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Verizon Customer Service Fail: Hundreds of Customers Hijack Poll with Demands for Galaxy Nexus Release Date

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Company customer service polls have a way of bringing out the anarchist in folks. A few months ago, every seemingly harmless Motorola customer service poll on Facebook was hijacked by pleas for unlocked bootloaders. Now Verizon subscribers sick of waiting for a release date have taken to the company's support page to demand Verizon unleash the Galaxy Nexus release date, and quick!

Now that the Nexus is being released in the UK, the U.S. release date is foremost in everyone's minds. We've talked before about how Google stinks at launching new phones, and - sadly – that assesment is holding true. While the iPhone 4S was available the day after its announcement, we've already had to wait over a month after its official launch just to find out a release date for the Galaxy Nexus. Now this could be for any number of reasons, but knowing 'em won't make the wait go by any faster. In the case of the Galaxy S2, it took a full year after the European release before American consumers were able to purchase the phone on-contract. 

Looks like subscribers are finally telling Verizon what they want, but something tells me it'll be a while before Verizon actually listens. 

Source: Reddit

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