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Huawei CFO arrested in Canada, extradition to US imminent
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Huawei CFO arrested in Canada, extradition to US imminent

Huawei's chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver, Canada, on charges of illegal trade with Iran. The arrest warrant came from the USA, which is currently waging a trade war against China and is targeting Huawei and its competitor ZTE. The arrest is seen as a new low point in this conflict.

On December 1, Huawei's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver. The arrest warrant came from the US and was based on the violation of the trade sanctions against Iran. An extradition is imminent, following a hearing on Friday after which Wanzhou could be released on bail.

The report comes to us from the Canadian magazine Globe and Mail, which relies on anonymous sources from the police; official statements by the authorities do not yet exist. It goes on to say that since April the USA has been accusing Huawei of illegal trade with Iran, which is subject to strict sanctions. Huawei, on the other hand, denies the accusations and asserts:

“The company believes the Canadian and US legal systems will ultimately reach a just conclusion. Huawei complies with all applicable laws and regulations where it operates, including applicable export control and sanction laws and regulations of the UN, US and EU.”

The Chinese embassy in the Canadian capital Ottawa had also taken the floor and appealed to the USA "to correct the misstep and restore Mrs. Meng Wanzhou's personal freedom". Canada must be careful not to damage its relationship with China, the report continues.

Tensions between the US and China, particularly with Huawei, date back to 2016, when high-ranking government officials voiced security concerns about the mobile phone supplier. In an emergency procedure at the beginning of 2018, the official selling of Huawei smartphones by US carriers was blocked, so that the US launch of the Mate 10 Pro was effectively killed at the last moment.

But so far, the US has received little international attention for these allegations, as mobile operators in Europe and other markets continue to purchase LTE and 5G accessories from Huawei. If more about the trial against Wanzhou becomes public, the validity of these accusations could finally be judged by the public. Will we see real evidence of Huawei spying, or can the Chinese company clear its name?

Via: Techcrunch Source: Globe and Mail


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  • Wow! When did AndroidPit turn into CNN? 👎

    I'm here for tech news and tips related to the Android OS (not whatever Huawei's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Meng Wanzhou allegedly did until it's proven to be true or false, even though she has posted bail and is under house arrest in her Vancouver property) 🤷‍♂️

  • What ever. Who decides that they act illegally?

  • Huawei isnt doing anything wrong until proven guilty...still some idiot makes a warrant for arrest...its USA....always needs to play/act like a boss and always needs to be in the picture.....Its all show...

    • So let's let them do the damage! There are literally tons of articles on this. Not to mention the access you don't have to top secret documents.

  • Can confirm that Canada will not extradite if capital punishment is a possible sentence, so that's off the table. The hotshot hacker (with Russian state connections) who stole Yahoo data a few years ago was able to (afford to) fight extradition for most of a year before finally consenting to it, and was then convicted. We'll see.