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US Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS Android Update Won't Be OTA? WTF??


With well over 20 million Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphones sold, one of the biggest questions of US buyers of the device have is "where the hell is my ICS update?“. And rightly so. After all, users in Singpore have gotten the update, and it started rolling out in Europe back in March. So what's the deal with the US update? If Samsung wants to get the update out to all S2 devices before the arrival of the S3, they need to hurry up with that over the air update right? Well according to CNET, US users will NOT see an OTA Android update for the Galaxy S2. Instead, users wanting the update will have to bring /send their S2 to a Samsung service center so that Samsung can flash the new update via Samsung Kies. WTF?

Pretty sloppy Samsung. The news came via a Samsung customer care helpline in Singapore, and the staff there suggested that the only way to get ICS was doing it through a service center. This naturally makes no sense, as Europe has been getting OTA updates for months now.

I guess that with the Galaxy S3 hitting stores in May (US in June), this might be the only way to get all S2 devices updated before its release. If you live near a service center, great. But for anyone who needs to send their phone in the mail to get an update, this is naturally a massive inconvenience (especially if you don't have a backup phone and have to pay the postage).

What do you guys think? Will you be sending in your S2 to get ICS? Or does it piss you off that you actually have to do this to get a taste of ICS? (I'm still pissed my Galaxy Tab 10.1 still hasn't got ICS).

Picture credits: ubergizmo.com

Source: Slashgear


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  • @Jesus - Im not sure, but it could happen :(
    @Tom - Thats what I figured would happen in the States (that everyone could update at home via Kies). It just makes no sense why one country can and why the next cant.
    @Peter - Here in Germany it's always been OTA. Not the case in the UK?
    @Ryan- I feel ya bro. I have a GNexus as well (rooted) and am so glad I dont have to play the month waiting game to get updates.

  • This is exactly why i broke down and bought Galaxy Nexus from Google Play. Unskinned ICS and auto updates straight from Google. Tired of waiting for ICS for Att GS2 and Galaxy tab 8.9. Will be buying Nexus tab from Google play store when released.

  • I thought Samsung always updated using desktop software and never via OTA.

    All the UK networks are updated now I think so clearly this is just US networks sucking as usual. Same with the Galaxy Note, I'm sure ICS has been released for the Note in the rest of the world and the US is just lagging.

  • The worst part is that we Canadians were able to get the update at home via Kies. Don't understand why the U.S. doesn't have Keis.

    But I do like that for once Canadians don't get shafted while Americans do. Sorry to my friends south of the border. :-)

  • thats BS well i have a galaxy note you think is the same BS

  • Isn't it?! Samsung should get their act together?

  • this is SLOPPY INDEED

  • That really super sucks!