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Bookmark Sort  - Looking to organize your bookmarks?
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Bookmark Sort - Looking to organize your bookmarks?

Today’s test review may turn out to be a rather brief one as the app I’m reviewing can only do two things: organize bookmarks and create backups thereof. It goes without saying that this doesn’t mean that this review will be boring or, heaven forbid, superfluous—quite to the contrary, as I’m guessing that a lot of you will be interested to know more about this app.

Download directly from the Android Market (the app only works in conjunction with the Android Browser).


Reviewed version Latest version
2.10 2.40

Features & Use

Who doesn’t want to be able to organize their bookmarks? Well, I know that I'm game and this app and its integrated browser allow me to do just that. Furthermore, as mentioned in the teaser, this app can also do backups of bookmarks. This is how it works: Bookmark Sort & Backup creates a folder entitled /sdcard/BookmarkBR on your SD card. This is what will lead you to the BookmardBR folder. So, if it should happen that you lose your bookmarks for some reason or another – you lose your phone or press on a wrong button – you can go to this app, click on the menu button and press Restore. All of your bookmarks will reappear.

This app is only really interesting for those of you who are making use of the preinstalled browser, because Dolphin Browser and Opera Mini can sort through bookmarks without outside help. That’s why you can’t link Bookmark Sort & Backup to another browser: it just doesn’t make sense. However, my guess is that a lot of users have stuck with the preinstalled browser.

Bottom line:
The app does what it promises to do and it does it well. But, as I already pointed out, it’s only useful to those of you using the Android Browser.


Screen & Controls

Controls are simple and cleverly designed. You can view all of your bookmarks in the form of a list and there are two buttons shaped like green arrows, one pointing upwards and the other pointing downwards. Select a bookmark and move it up or down using the buttons.

The Menu button gives you the following options:

• Backup
• Restore
• Alphabetical sort
• Settings
• More apps
• Online help

Clicking on Backup creates a file on your SD card which will store all of your bookmarks. Make us of the Restore function if ever you lose your bookmarks. If you want to organize your bookmarks alphabetically just hit Alphabetical sort. Selecting Settings only lets you change the name of the file on your SD card.

Bottom line:
The app is clear, concise, and easy to use. You get the gist of it within a matter of minutes.


Speed & Stability

I didn't encounter any difficulties during my test.

Price/Performance Ratio

You can download the app free of cost from the Android Market.


Bookmark Sort  - Looking to organize your bookmarks? Bookmark Sort  - Looking to organize your bookmarks? Bookmark Sort  - Looking to organize your bookmarks? Bookmark Sort  - Looking to organize your bookmarks?

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