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Color Flashlight

The Android phone is quickly becoming the “Swiss army pocket knife” of smartphones. Not only can Android devices be used for level measurement, but it can also act as a flashlight with the help of the Color Flashlight app. There are, of course, fancier apps out there, but you never know when you’ll need a flashlight. Can this app help you find your way in pitch-black darkness? Read on in our test.


Reviewed version Latest version
2.7.0 Varies with device

Features & Use

OK, so the first screenshot may be a bit deceiving :) The thing is that a blank white screen gives off so much light that it can be used as a small flashlight. It’s not extremely bright, but it’s enough for you to see where you need to go in the dark. Unlike other apps, this flashlight stays on as long as the app is open. All the settings and options can be accessed directly from the main screen by just tapping the touchscreen. This makes Color Flashlight the only app that let’s you tweak the settings without having to turn off the flashlight. Another great aspect of the app is that you can customize the color and brightness of the light as well as add fun special effects. There’s even strobe light for any disco fans out there. Here's a list of them all:

  • Text - Use your own colorful text
  • Emergency - Flashing Siren
  • Strobe
  • Blink - Flashing customized text
  • Police - Flashing police lights
  • Rainbow
  • Scroll - Scrolling text
  • Spiral - Psychedelic hypnotic spiral
  • Disco
  • Slide - Sliding text
  • Candle - Imitation of real candle light

In summary, the app doesn’t boast too many features, but is simple and well-done.

Screen & Controls

Color Flashlight is super easy and comfortable to use. It’s almost as easy as using an actual flashlight. No complicated menus or buttons – everything can be accessed with the touchscreen.

Bottom Line: Simple, yet extremely practical! Nothing fancy, but gets the job done.

Speed & Stability

Color Flashlight is a model for reliability and excellent performance. We don’t have a reason for writing anything negative about this app. The light is as bright as your phone screen can make it and adjustment can be made with just one tap!

Price/Performance Ratio

Color Flashlight can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.


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