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Google Play Music problems and solutions

Google Play Music is a wonderful thing: almost any song ever recorded, streamed instantly to your device no matter where you are. Except when it doesn’t work. If Google Play Music is waving its hands in the air like it just don’t care instead of getting into the groove, the solutions are usually simple. Here are the most common Google Play Music problems and solutions.

Google Play Music is great, and if it stops working, the solutions are usually simple.  / © ANDROIDPIT

Google Play Music is not working

We know, you’ve checked your internet connection. But have you really checked it? Occasionally our phones get in a grumpy mood and although they show cellular or Wi-Fi bars, the connection isn’t actually working any more. A swift restart solves that one.

The next simple check is to ensure that neither you nor somebody with access to your account is trying to use Google Play Music on another device. Google Play Music is designed to work on one device at a time, so if you’re playing tunes on your PC, for example, you won't be able to play anything on your phone. 

The third thing is also simple: are you using the correct account? You need to be using the same account you used to upload your music or to buy your music. You can check or change the account you're using in the app by tapping Menu > Settings > Google Account.

androidpit google play music hero 04
Learn how to fix Google Play Music right here. / © ANDROIDPIT

Another common issue is when you’ve changed your account password but haven’t updated it in the Google Play Music app. If you can’t remember what your password is, use the Google Account Recovery page.

If you’re trying to access Google Play Music on a computer, there are two other things to try. First, make sure you’re using a modern web browser – the latest Chrome is best, but Google Play Music works happily on Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge – and that you haven’t disabled JavaScript in your web browser’s settings.

If that’s OK, make sure you also have the latest version of Adobe’s Flash Player and that it’s enabled: in Chrome, type chrome:plugins in the address bar. If you see 'Enable' under Adobe Flash Player, Flash is currently switched off. Click Enable to turn it on.

Still no joy? Google Play Music has known issues with some third-party plugins, so if you’ve recently added something to your browser try disabling it, restarting the browser and trying Google Play Music again. That advice applies to any in-browser media that’s suddenly stopped working. Privacy protecting or ad-blocking plugins can be particularly bad for it, because their blocking can sometimes be a little overzealous.

AndroidPIT Play Music All Access
Google Play Music needs you to use the same Google Account you used to upload or buy your music. / © AndroidPIT/Google

Google Play Music is not uploading

If Google Play Music is not uploading all of your songs, it’s usually for one of three reasons:

  • The song is in a file format Google Play Music doesn’t support

Google Play Music supports the usual suspects – MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, FLAC and so on – but there are limits, so for example uploading Windows Media WMA files is supported via the Windows version of Music Manager, but not other versions of Music Manager. Some music files, such as WAV, AIFF and RA, can’t be uploaded at all.

  • Your Google Play Music library is full

Google Play Music supports libraries with up to 50,000 songs. Hit that limit and you can’t upload any more until you clear out some space. Do you really need all those David Hasselhoff b-sides?

  • You bought the song with a different Google account

You can only upload purchased tracks if you’re using the same account that bought them. If you bought a track using a different account, you’ll need to log in to that account and upload from there.

apple music
Apple Music is coming to Android, but it'll have its work cut out to make a dent in Google Play Music's numbers. / © ANDROIDPIT

Google Play Music is not syncing

Is there anything more frustrating than having loads of songs and playlists in Google Play Music but not being able to get them on your device? One culprit is a problem with the app’s cache: Google suggests clearing the app data and cache, rebooting your device and then refreshing the library. It can take a while to sync after that, especially if you’re syncing a lot of music, but that usually does the trick. If not, a factory reset and then starting again from scratch can help.

Did you transfer your Play Music settings from another phone? If you did, try deauthorizing the old phone, deleting the app data from your current phone and then signing into Google Play Music on your current phone.

androidpit google play music sony xperia z3 compact
Sometimes signal bars lie when connections die. A quick restart fixes that. / © ANDROIDPIT

Have you encountered other issues with Google Play Music? Did you find a solution? Let us know below.


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  • I've uploaded songs from iTunes but some where organized and labeled wrong. I corrected them on my laptop but when I use Google play music on my phone it stills has them in wrong places

  • I've downloaded my iTunes music to Google Play but the songs only show up in the not downloaded area. Does that mean I have to buy the song again from Google to get it to play without an internet connection?

  • I see your request for comments & questions and I see questions - some a year old - with no answers or replies. Anyway, on my external memory card in my Android phone, I loaded lots of my personal, ripped MP3s. I can't get Google Play Music to find the MP3s. I have run ScanMediaPlz to force Android to discover all media but no help. I can use File Explorer to find the music and then use Google Play to play a track, but Play doesn't remember or catalogue the track.

    How can I get play to find my albums anywhete/everywhere on my phone?

  • I've been using Google Play Music for about a year now. But all of a sudden I can't add any more music to my main Playlist. I'll add it and it says added 1 song to play list. But then I go in and it'll show up for a second then disappear. My Playlist is 8GB worth of music but well below the 50k songs limit mentioned in the article. I even tried clearing the cache and deleting some songs from the Playlist, but it still won't let me add any new songs. Any suggestions?

    • I've had the same problem for a long time now, and it seems to happen because Google Music does not recognize the extension even if you have it installed. I noticed when downloading a song, it gives the message stating that if I use the extension, there is no limit to the amount of times you can download, and asks if I'd like to install, even though I have it already. It's a really shitty workaround, but uninstalling the chrome Google Music extension and re-downloading every time seems to fix the problem for both uploading and downloading. Google seriously needs to work out a lot of flaws with their music.

  • I have problem with subscription.
    When i choose credit card it starts from begining. Endless loop.
    No error message.

    • Thomas 1 month ago Link to comment

      Did you ever resolve the problem? I have the same issue, and haven't been able to solve it...

  • My problem is I downloaded a music file from my computer. It is showing up in the music file on the computer, but can't access it on google play. When I try to move the little bar to "download" only it won't let me do that. It just has the option to subscribe now.

  • I have it on my phone but 6 out of 9 of my playlists have nothing on it. When I go into it on my computer, they are all there.

  • I have about 4000 songs in iTunes and I'm attempting to upload them on the PC to google play music. So far it has taken around 12 hours to upload about half of them. I used the auto feature to select music from files. I can stream TV without an issue on my wifi connection and don't have speed issues in any way so this seems ridiculous. Any advice welcome.

    • It's taking me over two hours to download 57 songs, and they're not done yet, so I can only imagine how long it would take to upload 4000 songs. Does seem like an awfully long time!

  • My problem is when I download an album it will not play unless I delete the album

  • Some of the songs I have on Play have been changed by Google. Ex. Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue & Metro Station's Shake It. Both of these songs were originally purchased on iTunes downloaded to my computer and imported to Google Play along with approx. 40 other songs. Within the last 6 months both of these songs have changed - Ocean Avenue is now the acoustic version & Shake It is now like a slower remix version. Why is Google changing my songs? I have called Google and informed them about this and was told Google doesn't change music like even after I told them the acoustic version of Ocean Avenue was not released until the 10 year anniversary of the original release which was in 2003. I purchased the original version in 2005 with a gift card I received just before my wedding so it would be impossible for me to have. Any help with this would be appreciated because I don't want Google just changing versions of songs that I have purchased.

  • possibly a problem with copyright etc i bought now 93 recently and i tried to rip it on to my laptop it plays fine on the laptop i synced it to my device its sounds all muffled and cant hear the tracks clearly at all if i want to use this album on my device i am now going to have to buy it again from google play store

  • I've always had this problem. I have to manually forward to the next song every time. Otherwise, it just plays the same song over and over. I can't believe this is right. When one song is finished, it should move to the next song. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    • Peter L. 8 months ago Link to comment

      This sounds almost exactly what eventually happened with mine. The only way I managed to fix it (after going to the length of paying for another music player) was to start the free trial of Google Play Music. The moment I did, it started working correctly and has continued to, even though I have not now gone on to the paid version. Good luck with it though.

    • I had this problem and found that I had to go up above the list of songs in my playlist and tap the arrow. This should play the playlist from the start. I hope this helps. It is kinda of simple, but poor design and not very user friendly. If you ask me.

  • Peter L. Nov 20, 2015 Link to comment

    My Google Play Music updated (20 Nov 2015) and now doesn't work... It presents me with a page with "Ways to play" and nothing else. Doesn't let me search for music, won't play music when I navigate to it in the file manager, despite it being the default player. Have cleared the cache, cleared the data, uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted numerous times.

  • I download my songs on my mobile and plays everything right, but the function "random mix" never works, it sends a error message like "mix is not available", what am I doing bad? is the app working bas? what do I have to do? thanks and I hope you can help me...

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