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Honor to announce US expansion plans at CES 2016

The Huawei-owned smartphone brand Honor might soon be headed to the US. Honor recently sent out invites for its press event at CES 2016 in Las Vegas and it has now been revealed that this will be the staging point for its entry into the US market.

Huawei Honor 5X
The Honor 5X: will this be the first Honor device to launch in the US? / © Honor

“The United States market is the highest end market for Huawei, so we have been planning for a very long time,” said President of Honor Global George Zhao at a press event in Shenzhen, China. “The international CES is planned for January, as you know, so you should expect to hear more about our United States plan at that time.”

This would be the first time Honor has sold devices on US soil and its recently announced Honor 5X flagship smartphone is expected to be the device to launch there.

We'll be at CES on January 5 to find out all of Honor's intentions. For now, are you happy to see Honor in the US? Let us know in the comments. 



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    Given their recent success with the Nexus 6p I'm surprised Huawei are using a sub brand for the USA.

    • It is not surprising at all. Huawei plays the high end, midrange and budget markets. If you use the same brand for all 3, you dilute it. But since Huawei plans to utilize the various budget channels (prepaid etc.) to push a lot of phones to increase market share that they can use to cut deals with supply chain, retailers and carriers (as well as make a little money ... despite what the Apple fans tell you, making $20 on a $200 phone or even $10 on a $100 phone is money especially if you sell a lot of them) they don't want their Honor phones to diminish their Mate line in the eyes of the image-conscious iPhone and Galaxy S customers they will be aiming for. This is something that Samsung should have learned instead of just calling everything a Galaxy so they could charge twice as much for it.

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