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LG G Watch revealed along with Android Wear

Authored by: Sterling Keys — Mar 19, 2014

Earlier today, Google presented Android Wear, which is a variation of their smartphone operating system that is made specifically for smart watches and other wearable computing devices. Alongside with this announcement was the presentation of the LG G Watch, which is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2014.

bild lg g watch
© LG

During the Google Video, we were given a sneak peak into two different types of smart watches: one from Motorola and one from LG. The Motorola watch, dubbed the 360, is round while the LG G Watch comes in a more contemporary style with a square face and more traditional look. It looks like our speculation months ago in regards to a smart watch coming from LG seems to have finally come to fruition with this latets announcement and brings some more competition to the wearable computing market.

android wear 1
The LG G Watch from the Google Video presentation of Android Wear. / © Google

The G Watch will run Android Wear and will be compatible with a variety of Android smartphones, according to LG. Further details, such as technical data and dimensions haven’t been provided quite yet, but expect them to be released soon. A market launch for this brand new smart watch isn’t expected until the second quarter of 2014.

From all the way over on Vancouver Island, Sterling Keys started off his smartphone adventure with an HTC S710 equipped with Windows Mobile and knew there had to be something better. Over the next few years, and countless different operating systems, he has finally found his home on Android.

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  • Hilko R. Mar 20, 2014 Link to comment

    from what I understand the Moto will be "in summer" and the LG in "second quarter"
    now I dont know if its the LG fiscal year second quarter, or the actual calendar second quarter, but if calendar - isn't the second quarter april-june? so it should be right around the corner....

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