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The Nokia 9 fingerprint reader can be fooled by a pack of gum
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The Nokia 9 fingerprint reader can be fooled by a pack of gum

Nokia 9 PureView users have been having problems with the in display fingerprint reader. A software update sent last week should have fixed the problem to make the sensor work properly, but now the manufacturer HMD Global is investigating new cases where the reader is too easily fooled, unlocking devices with unknown fingers and even gum wrappers.

This Monday, a video on Twitter posted by Decoded Pixel showed how it was possible to unlock the Nokia 9 using a pack of chewing gum, and in the tweet it stated that it was also possible to unlock the device with a coin and leather gloves.

AndroidPIT nokia 9 pureview photos
The Nokia 9 fingerprint reader is being a bit too lax / © AndroidPIT

The user was able to reproduce the fault several times, using various objects in the sensor area. In addition, he claims to have been experiencing these inconsistencies for at least two weeks prior to this month's software update. After several attempts to report the problem and contact the manufacturer, HMD Global has finally responded to this and to other users. In the case of Decoded Pixel, Juho Sarvikas himself handled the communication.

According to Sarvikas in reply to Decoded Pixel, the company hadn't yet have been successful in its attempts to reproduce the failures, but investigations are ongoing. We were unable to replicate the issue on our device (using unregistered fingerprints and a coin, among other objects), though we do hope that the company will publish an update as soon as it has been able to solve the problem for affected users. 

What do you think? Do you have a Nokia 9 and giving you this kind of trouble? Were you able to unlock it with gum or some other unusual object? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.


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  • Nokia 9 fingerprint is usable, did you test it before releasing the mobile..

  • Why on earth did they go with an in display fingerprint sensor? What was wrong with the regular one? Didn't they test it before releasing the smartphone in market? That too when you are using a first generation technology first time!?!?
    Silly, one should think before he or she acts, otherwise he or she will have to repent.