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China: "serious consequences" for the USA and Canada over Huawei CFO arrest
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China: "serious consequences" for the USA and Canada over Huawei CFO arrest

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou is still in custody in Canada after being arrested last week. Meng is accused of involvement in business with Iran, thus being in direct conflict with US sanctions. Her arrest was ordering in Canadian territory. The Chinese response has been swift and strong.

According to NBC News, China is reported to have convened the US Ambassador Terry Branstad, who met with Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng. During the meeting, the latter strongly protested against the arrest of the CFO of Huawei, adding that the United States should renounce the arrest warrant against Meng.

meng wanzhou 1280
Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei arrested last week in Canada. / © Huawei

Subsequently, the Deputy Foreign Minister also met with the Canadian Ambassador, John McCallum. According to some sources, the Chinese government agency has reported to the Canadian authorities that if the country does not release Meng immediately it will face "serious consequences", calling the arrest "unreasonable and cowardly in nature". The United States is already preparing itself by alerting its allies not to use Huawei equipment to build their 5G infrastructure, a blow to the largest global supplier of network equipment.

Do you think this is just the beginning of war? Let us know.

Source: Phone Arena


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  • Oh, brother. Bring it!!

  • Although China owns a lot of U.S. debt, they need us more than we need them. Amazing so many people, are willing to OVERLOOK the horrible slave state China, with many workers, except when the cameras are out, live in worse conditions that some third world countries, making pennies on the dollar, just so the rest of the world can have cheap crap, and the lions share of the money goes to the Chinese communist "leaders" and the companies that sell their soul, to have China make their crap.

  • Im very curious...if china has a good way to screw the US up for this.... I hope they do... Screw trump!!

    • You need to move to a country you love. If you're here in the US and you wish the US ill, don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out. China would love to have you.