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3 Über Cool Concept Phones That Make Our Hearts Race

Authored by: Steven Blum — Oct 27, 2011

Yesterday we talked about a few of the technologies that will completely change the way we use smartphones. Today we're excited to bring you prototypes of these ideas in action. From real phones with projectors and bend-able screens that have yet to go on the market – like the Samsung DLP Pico Projector and the Nokia Kinetic – to imaginary phones that combine many innovations – like the Mozilla Seabird – here's a smattering of the conceptual smartphones we'd like to be able to actually buy someday.

Samsung's DLP Pico Projector Phone-

Originally unveiled in 2009, Samsung's DLP Pico Projector Phone gives us a glimpse at what projector phones might one day look like. With an OLED display and 5MP camera, it's got all the features of a regular smartphone but also manages to pack a pico projector into its hardware. With the projector, the DLP can beam videos and images on to any nearby surface. Not only is the phone able to display videos and pictures effortlessly but the projector also responds to your touch so you can scroll through a picture slide show or Power Point presentation with ease. While some will complain about the image quality and the fact that the color saturation seems to be drained in bright light, it's the promise of the device that makes us so excited. Imagine being able to give a business presentation with just your phone and two fingers or giving a slide show of your recent vacation just by turning off the lights and flicking your touch screen. 

Mozilla Seabird Concept Phone-

The Seabird phone is a work of complete fiction but that won't stop from dreaming of its arrival in reality some day. The Seabird is so full of fancy goodies that it's hard to know which to list first. With a detachable Bluetooth/IR Dongle, you can control the images on your phone remotely in 3D space. With two projectors, the phone can beam an image of a computer screen on one end and an interactive keyboard on the other. Place it on the desk and it forms the center of an ergonomic keyboard with a touch pad area. Basically, this concept phone is so loaded with pico projectors that it can become anything you want it to be.

Nokia Kinetic-

Who says flexi phones are pipe dream? Certainly not Nokia. Just yesterday, the Finnish cell phone manufacturer unveiled a new flexi prototype called Kinetic and it's one sexy beast. To navigate between pictures, songs or menus, all you have to do is twist a corner of the device.  You can even zoom in on an image by bending the screen. We didn't see the Nokia representative using the phone as a touch screen so we're still not sure whether those bending abilities are combined with a touchable display but damn we like the idea of navigating through bending and twisting.

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