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8 reasons why Android is better than iOS

Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile operating systems around, but in the hyper-competitive tech world there can only be one winner, and we believe it's Android. Here are eight of our top reasons why you're better off owning an Android phone rather than an iPhone.

Android has more apps

The Google Play Store is where most Android apps can be found. The App Store is the app marketplace for Apple (iOS) devices. There are more apps available in the Google Play Store than in the App Store. Currently, there are a litte over 2 million available for the App Store and 2.5 million in the Google Play Store.

In addition to there being more apps in the Google Play Store in general, there are also more free apps. Of those 2.5 million total apps for Android, 2.3 million are free. That's more free apps for Android than total apps for Apple. And while there are quality concerns over free Android apps, there are more options to choose from and you can try more apps out without cost concerns.

AndroidPIT Google play Store 8990
Get more free apps on Android than iOS. / © AndroidPIT

Android is more customizable

While some people are quite content with the homogeneity offered by iOS, those of us who see a phone as an extension of ourselves want to tweak it. You can even completely replace the software on some Android devices.

Android devices let you change just about every aspect of their on-screen appearance – from the keyboard, to the homescreen launcher, to your email app. If you get CyanogenMod, you can pretty much strip away any unnecessary features that come pre-loaded on your phone.

Check out some Android customization options below:

AndroidPIT rom cyanogenmod 1311a
Android can be tweaked and tinkered to work how you want it. / © AndroidPIT

There's an Android phone for everyone

Need a rugged phone that you can take mountain-biking or rock-climbing? Get the Galaxy S7 Active. Want a high-end phone that performs well? Nab yourself a OnePlus 3T. Great camera? Huawei P9. Android is brimming with choice – and we love it. As of last year, there were over 24,000 devices from 1,300 brands.

With each generation of Apple devices, you basically get three different options (sometimes only two): small, medium and large. The sizes are basically the biggest differences in the devices. Sure, there are also variations in display or hardware but they're all essentially the same phones.

AndroidPIT best smartphones 1309
Many options to choose from in the Android world. / © AndroidPIT

There is a wider array of price ranges

Let's face it, sometimes we feel like spending a ton of money on our smartphones and other times we don't. If you're upgrading to the next generation of iOS devices, then you've got just a couple of different choices – and all of them are expensive.

There's an Android phone out there for every price range. You can pick up a $20 Alcatel Pixi Glitz or jump into a $800 (starting price) Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The choice is yours but the point is there is a choice. Apple won't release a phone under $500 so you're quite limited.

androidpit money cash 3
Don't have a lot of money to throw around? Avoid Apple. / © AndroidPIT

You don't have to use iTunes

Apple is a pioneer of hardware and software design, but iTunes – which is required to transfer music between your iPhone and computer – is a bloated mess. Uninstalling it is a nightmare too, to the extent that Apple published an extensive guide for how to fully remove iTunes from your PC.

Android users don't need iTunes, and have many more choices for music services and purchases in general. More and more services are expanding to Android and not just for music but movies, TV shows, games and many more. Heck, you can even get iTunes on Android if you want to.

AndroidPIT iTunes on Android 5
You could put iTunes on your Android device or choose from other programs. / © AndroidPIT

You're integrated with Google

Android is an open source project called AOSP (Android Open Source Project) that is led by Google but not owned by it. Google uses this to make its version of Android, which is then used by the other manufacturers. But Google services are an integral part of Android and a good reason to pick up one of these devices.

Google services are great and people are flocking to their convenience. How could we live without Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Music or Google Chrome? When integrated, these services make our lives so much easier and Apple just isn't keeping pace.

shop condition black3 1024x1024
Aren't Google services great? / © AndroidPIT

Android keeps up with technology

Apple moves slowly and Android races ahead at full speed. Individual technological innovations of Android devices are way ahead of Apple's. Usually, Apple follows Android. For instance, the Huawei P9 was released with a dual rear camera system earlier this year and now the iPhone 7 Plus has it.

If there's a new innovation you're interested in then you should go with Android. Manufacturers of Android devices give you plenty of fresh choices for new technology. If you want last year's innovations jumbled into one device, then Apple is the best bet. Remember, many new features Apple touts are already in Android devices. Apple marketing is clever. For instance, many believe that Apple invented the smartphone.

AndroidPIT huawei p9 1414
The Huawei P9 had the dual-camera system before the iPhone 7. / © AndroidPIT

Android has microSD card support

If you want more internal storage on Apple devices, then you need to either erase your stuff or buy another phone. Apple devices don't give you the option to expand with a microSD card. But many Android smartphones come equipped with microSD card access.

The difference between a 32 GB iPhone 7 and the 256 GB version is $200. But the SanDisk Ultra 200 GB microSD card only costs $72. That's a huge savings. But another great thing about microSD card support is you can customize how much storage you have for your phone. For instance, SanDisk microSD cards come in 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 200, and 256 GB. So if you just need an extra 64 GB you would only have to pay $20.

What other ways is Android better than iOS? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Sorry just came across this article. Android vs iOS has been a debate since a long time. I've used both the devices & currently I'm using the Galaxy S7. As for the phone, it does get my job done. Battery life is good. Feels good in the hand. But the only best part is the camera. And as for android, I did not do much customizing to the phone cuz the phone does lag alot or worse case, it restarts itself, which is pretty fu***** stupid for a phone which has so much of RAM. Android has never been a reliable OS & can never be one since its an opensource OS. And as for customizing, how much do you think a normal person will want to customize in their day to day lives? Just a email or message widget on their home screen? Or probably some news widget? And wow that just saves 3 seconds of your life! iOS has its disadvantages like using the iTunes & stuff, but the os is rather more reliable & much quicker to everyday tasks, with a half the RAM inside compared to the so-called flagship android devices. I mean my iPhone 6, which is 2 years old, is still faster than the Galaxy S7 which released 7 months back! And as for the updates, Apple supports their devices for upto 4 years! And android cannot even support its devices which is 18 months old (unless you get a Nexus or now known as the Pixel! F***! Talking about the price, don't you see even Samsung has been charging a high-end price for their phones? For the premium quality of the phone (which every other android device is trying to beat) to the stability of the os & the high quality apps & quick usage throughout my day, I would chose the iPhone hands down!

  • steve 2 months ago Link to comment

    Only 8 reasons I could think of a few more.

  • Thank You, Someone who understands

  • latest android phones are now having fixed battry..... :)

  • Get a life Andy W, it's your choice. U should've check the spec of the phone before buying it. U want SD and removable batteries buy Samsung, they clearly said that u can't do that when u check the specs. Also multi windows and software updates, u have a Nexus for cry out loud, and if u don't get the update just flash it yourself with custom ROM, it's not that hard. And stop plz android has a variety of manufacturers, so it's not consistent but yes there's still developers out there who will update you device. IOS can't be upgraded if apple don't upgrade it, which is painful, cuz u won't get new stuff. But after all, your choice, android still beat iOS

  • keep telling us why android is better than iOS,,maybe a couple people will believe it,,ANDROID is the biggest piece of shit ever devised by mankind,,oh and its rollout system for upgrades has to be the best in the world for APPLE,,i got 3 android devices not one has the same Android OS,,4.2,,4.4,,and 5.1,,,i fear 2 of them will never get to see lollipop,at least iOS,is available to ALL Apple device users,not just a select few like Android,,never owned an Apple device,but will in the future,,Android is going no where,its the best advertising Apple can get,,and after using Android,just re--enforces why it will never go anywhere,,in time some OS will come out and replace this piece of shit and it cant be soon enough

    • You are a LIAR! iOS updates are NOT available to all apple devices, they drop support for all other devices like the Ipod Touch 4th gen and Iphone3GS. Do your research before you comment with a huge lie! ANDROID BEATS IOS EVERYDAY!!!SCREW APPLE!

    • I wonder why it is you're such a Apple supporter if you have 3 Android devices?

    • you say you have never owned an Apple device? tell me is it the non removable battery the lack of support for microSD or the fact that it's WAY overpriced that prevented you from buying one yet?

  • Num 11.
    iOS (Apple) cheat on taxes.
    Android (Google) does not.

  • Ron Henry Feb 15, 2015 Link to comment

    Andy W.......How about maybe the Nexus wasn't the right model phone for you? Sorry but I've tired of having to jailbreak ios to perform even the most basic mods. There is zero debate of android based units being superior to iphones which are essentially fancy palm pilots. Dumb good-lookings.

  • TimeZone Feb 12, 2015 Link to comment

    I know I will get slammed but I will keep my Windows phone. True, app deficit is a bit of an issue but it is quickly improving. The phone experience is excellent and it is fun to use.

    • I hope and pray that Microsoft doesn't get enough market share. Remember the days when we had to pay for every new Oh s roll out every 3 to 5 years? no thanks.

  • BruinGuy Feb 11, 2015 Link to comment

    NFC. I have NFC tags in a lot of places to do many things. Yes, the iPhone has NFC but Apple only lets it work with Apple Pay. Nanny state strikes again.

  • Still no ad-hoc wifi. Android cannot connect to my aircrafts ads-b wifi output. IOS does instantly no jail breaking or rooting. For that reason I use my iOS for situational awareness, ie. multi function display. I guess not too many pilots use Androids. For calling a cheap dumb phone does fine.

  • Bottom line, iPhone only have 'the company store' for content. Makes perfect sense, pay more get less!

    • Andy W Feb 11, 2015 Link to comment

      Nice catch phrase, but can you back it up with an example. As far as I can see all the major criss platform app are the same price for android and iOS.

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