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This is Still One of the COOLEST Android Concept Phones EVER

We've written a lot about Samsung's flexible phone but Mozilla's Seabird concept phone blows those bendable creations out of the water. Dubbed the "godphone," as far as versatility is concerned, this remains one of the most awe-inspiring concept phones we've ever come across. Check out a video of the phone below: 

You got that? I compiled a list of the Seabird's most wondrous features:

  • Pico projector for home movie watchin'.
  • Wireless charging for convience's sake.
  • Detachable Bluetooth / IR tracking dongle for panning and zooming in 3D space
  • Projected keyboard with dock.

What I adore so much about this creation is the fact that so many of these features are actually not so futuristiic and could be implemented in a single device when and if the technology becomes less expensive. If the phone were created today, though, I'd expect a $3,000 price tag and 10 minute battery life.

In case you were wondering, Samsung has already created a phone not much bigger with a pico projector, although it lacks the luminosity to project images that can be clearly seen with the lights turned on like with the Seabird.

Still, these concept phones make me so excited about what we might see in the future. 

Source: YouTube



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  • Correct, money is the only thing one can give to another that means anything anymore.

  • chinu Feb 18, 2012 Link to comment

    damn cool

  • In a Resource Based Economy such technologies could be mainstream pretty fast, since it's merely a matter of engineering.
    Unfortunately we suffer under the yoke of a fiat-money economy, so we only see what's viable when it's viable from a monetized viewpoint.

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