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Facebook For Android Quickly Drained Battery, Now Updated
Apple Facebook Android 2.2 – Froyo 2 min read 1 Comment

Facebook For Android Quickly Drained Battery, Now Updated

The Facebook for Android app that was updated just a few days ago has once again been updated, due to problems with the power consumption of the app. According to Phandroid, the version released a couple of days ago used "a “partial wake lock” keeping your phone active even when it appears to be in sleep mode." Facebook has released an update to the app, which they claim fixes the problem.

Here is what Facebook had to say about the reported issue:

Hi folks, a number of you have commented on seeing a battery drain on your device since installing the new Facebook for Android app. We have identified the bug that is causing this battery drain and are working on a fix now. As soon as the patch is ready, we will push out an update. Thanks for the quick feedback and for your patience as we get this fixed!”

EuroDroid notes that at the time, the best solution was to "either don’t go on Facebook or make sure you kill the app after use, else your battery will melt into oblivion even quicker than usual."

Android Central notes that the app has been updated, which should fix the battery issues. I've downloaded the latest update, and I can't really tell any difference, but then again, I'm not always on Facebook, and I didn't notice the issues in the first place.

Facebook For Android wrote this on their official page early this morning:

Hi folks, we just released an updated version of the Facebook for Android app (version 1.3.1) that includes a fix for the battery drain problem some of you were running into. The app is now available in Android Market. You may need to wait a little bit for Android Market to send out the update notification. Thanks for all the quick feedback and thanks for your patience as we got this bug fixed!

Head on over to the official Facebook for Android page and let know what you think about the app.

Other Sources: Android Central, EuroDroid, Phandroid

Image from Android Central

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