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Google Mobile Event Scheduled For August 12th

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Aug 11, 2010

According to Gizmodo, they received an invitation to a Google Mobile event slated for August 12th, which is tomorrow at the time of writing. Gizmodo wrote that the event will include the "unveiling a couple of cool new mobile features" but doesn't say anything more specific than that.

Gizmodo is quick to point out that at the last Google Mobile event, Google unveiled their "turn-by-turn navigation" system, and that they are betting on a Google Face view feature.

As for what the topics will be, Phandroid adds that they are "honestly at a loss, though we could be seeing some more of the functions showcased at Google I/O that didn’t quite make the initial Froyo cut."

Whatever it will be, I'm hoping that it will be the announcement of some amazing new Android feature, or Google Music, or some of the other projects that we have been hearing of lately.

Other Sources: Phandroid

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