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JamJam released on AndroidPIT - All versions!

Authored by: Psychocell — Oct 14, 2010

Tired of playing plain old Tetris(R)? Try this explosive mix!

JamJam, the explosive version of the popular puzzle classic. A bombastic high-score hunt.

Play this arcade game with crazy backgrounds, old-school sound and many extra features! Bombs, score bonuses, detonations, death rows, slow downs, erasers, and the "clear all" life saver. Only with strategy and quick responses will you reach a proper highscore!

A cult classic for casual and die hard gamers.

JamJam blows Tetris(R) to pieces!

A Psychocell Production.

Here are the links to the HD versions of JamJam for Android devices with 480x800 or higher screen resolution:

JamJam HD - Explosive

MysticJamJam HD - Beautiful

SexJamJam HD - Sexy

SweetJamJam HD - Sweet

Search for JamJam and find other versions of the game for other Android devices.

JamJam – A cult classic for casual and die hard gamers. A Psychocell Production.

Source: AndroidPIT

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