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Nokia CEO Dashes Hopes For Android On Nokia Smartphones

The Nokia CEO, Anssi Vanjoki, had a few choice words to say regarding why the use of the Android OS on Nokia smartphones is not in the cards for his company. He likened mobile phone makers that use the Android OS on their phones to Finnish boys who pee in the pants during the winter to warm themselves.

According to what I was able to gather from the Financial Times article, Mr. Vanjoki believes that the benefit which comes from moving to the Android OS is short-lived, as manufacturers will have a harder time differentiating themselves from competition when the only thing that separating competing devices is the hardware, resulting in "permanentaly low profitability".

Phandroid presents a counter-arguement to Vanjoki's arguement, pointing out that HTC, Motorola, and Samsung have embraced Android and are seeing their smartphone sales jump, which seems to poke holes in his theory. What's more, all three of those manufacturers mentioned all have their own UI which each company uses to differentiate their products quite effectively.

MobileCrunch comments that "unless Nokia (and Meego) can offer a consumer experience in-line with Android and iOS (and that includes casual gaming), then I think even the Finnish kid with pee on his pants will look to one of those two for his smartphone fix."

I tried to access the source story from Financial Times, but they only show the teaser of the news article unless you are a paid subscriber, so don't expect any full length articles from Financial Time soon.

Other Sources: Engadget, MobileCrunch, Phandroid

Image from Mobile Crunch

Source: Financial Times

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