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[Official Press Release] Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Ban Upheld in Germany
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[Official Press Release] Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Ban Upheld in Germany

The official press release has just gone online in Duesseldorf and the news isn't good for Samsung. The German presiding official has ruled that Samsung has in fact violated Apples patents and intellectual property with the production of their Galaxy line of Tablet PCs. This will result in a continued ban of the Android devices in Germany. Apple had been seeking a complete European ban however the judge has only partial agreed with Apples lawyers. More information after the jump.

You can find a link to the full text of the press release below (in German) but the most important information besides the ruling in favor of a complete ban is the judges statement that he saw reason to issue a Europe-wide ban for the Samsung Android device. However, he ruled that a German court had no power to inforce such a ban due to the fact that Samsung was based in Korea. The result is a Germany-only ban of the Galaxy 10.1 tab but this does open the door for continued legal pressure in other courts throughout Europe. It looks like were going to be hearing much more about Samsung and Apple legal issues in the future.


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  • Another reason why I will never buy Apple. The only thing simalar between the two devices is that they are both square and have a screen.. Apple is just trying to knock off there biggest rival on the market.

  • @Dylan Ferguson: It's good news for you: More Phones for the rest of us.

    @Maria Brambova: It is European law. The only reason why the restriction is not in effect in the hole of the EU is a formal mistake on Apples side: Apple should have sued in Alicante, Spain not Düsseldorf, Germany.

    @Steven Blum: Right, but Spain can.

  • After reading about this day in and day out I just feel numb to the whole issue... why can't we finish this like they used to with a good old duel to the death? Pistols at 20 paces anyone?

  • Somewhere there is a ww2 joke in all of this but I cant seem to find it.....

  • @Dylan Don't worry they can't ban something in the US but Samsung might start thinking twice about putting so much money into development if they keep hitting roadblock like this.... Doesn't boad well for next gen. devices.... :/

  • But is this going to effect a US release? I don't want something in Europe to screw my chances of picking a Tab up.... can they even ban something internationally?

  • EUROPE WIDE? Germany keep your legal stupidity to yourself! We don't need that here!

  • Well, I'm glad Germany no longer thinks it can ban something continent-wide.